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It's black , it's brutal , it's.... BOSS.

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Mrs. Kiersten Chace and Mr. Rushay Booysen will be stopping by Reckless 2.0 to discuss the documentary film ? I'm Not Black , I'm Coloured?. The film primarily focuses on the history and legacy of the system of Apartheid in South Africa, and... more

KKilo34 will be stopping by the program today to express his opinion that "Fuller is a fraudulent, manipulative, conning, black supremacist cult leader whose ideas have absolutely no merit whatsoever." Kilo is a white male that has read... more

"Aints you never craved a white lady before? " This episode will discuss the remarkably unrefined classic racist film Mandingo. Rape, murder, (sub) human cock fighting, and more rape. Yep Reckless

Chris ( a strongly suspected racist) will be joining our broadcast to answer questions regarding the system of white supremacy. Chris has recently been making comments and statements that sound like something a racist would say... more

Renowned journalist and author Ellis Cose will be stopping by Reckless 2.0 to discuss his new book ? The End of Anger: A New Generation's Take on Race and Rage? . A longtime columnist and contributing editor (1993 through 2010) for... more

Mr. George Mitrovich will be stopping by Reckless 2.0 to discuss the system of racism/white supremacy. Mr. Mitrovich is a white male ( suspected racist) and author of , author of the Huffington Post article White America's Shame , which... more

We return to discuss how the refinement stage of White Supremacy has made the practice of racism by white people a much more easy and comfortable activity to participate in - hence "refinement". Yep , it's going to be Reckless

We return to discuss the documentary Hidden Colors , which discusses the often hidden history of people classified as black. We will also discuss the tragic conclusion to the Phylcia Barnes disappearance as well as the upcoming NFL... more

Jah will stop by Reckless 2.0 discuss his views on racism/white supremacy. Jah is a 24 year old homosexual black male that is heavily melanated. Jah is a victim of white supremacy and is open to giving his views on racism... more

Coley will make his Reckless (2.0) return to discuss the system of white supremacy. Coley is a black male and a graduate student at an Ivy League institution. We will be discussing his victimization within this environment , as... more