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The Fantasy Sports and Politics brand services the needs of the sports fanatic and political enthusiast. The shows on this network are hosted by Victor Gardner, Jerry "The Master" Taylor, Mike "Black" Wright, Kim Phung, Mac Williams and Jeff "Da Joker" Goldberg. They all specialize in their various sports, political and spiritual areas and all bring a great deal to the table. Compassion Dakini, hosted by Kim Phung, showcases the youth of today as well as the progressive female. Kim's show is spiritually based and holistic undertones. What does compassion mean to you? Thursday nights at 8pm the FSP Crew Show, hosted by Jerry, Black and the Joker, discuss the weeks events as well as interviews from individuals in the sporting arena. The three host make it easy to listen and hard to pull away from. you reach Victor at and and the Crew at We are always seeking to interview and interact with friends of the show or those in the sports/fantasy sports arena. No Chaser, hosted by Mac Williams and Jerry Taylor, is a no holds barred straight talk show. Topics of discussion range from social issues, political satire, sports topics and a great deal more. This show is raw and uncut. You must have thick skin in order to interact with the host. The Master Plan, Hosted by Jerry Taylor, offers a wide range of topics for discussion. Jerry touches on social issues coupled with fantasy sports. When you call in and or listen in, you never know what the Master is gonna talk about. In sports a 'Time Out' is when you take time out to pause, reflect, assess, correct, refuel, & regroup before resuming play with another opportunity to perform better. Our newest host is Sylvia Crawley, former WNBA player, Boston College Female Basketball Head Coach, current publisher, ESPN and Fox Sports commentator, and Bishop.

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The Crew will spark debate and touch on the week in sports. A special guest may drop by as well.
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You never know what Jerry is going to say but Sports will be part of he conversation.

Vic and Jerry will discuss the insane mission Dodger's outfielder, Puig, undertook in order to make it to the United State. What are the political implications? What was the Dodgers role in the process? How did Puig and the rest make it into... more

You never know what Jerry is going to say but Sports will be part of he conversation.

On this episode, Jerry breaksdown his views on the movie "Draft Day". Vic and Jerry also will talk about the upcoming NFL Draft. The NBA playoffs are coming up and the Heat are heating up. With Bradley vs Paq II happening Vic... more

Jerry and Mac have a heated debate over the appearance of African-Americans when veiwed from other races in public. Mac discusses how African-Americans play into the sterotypes while Jerry debates the sterotypes.

The Crew will discuss the NCAA tourney, mens and womens title games; untimely death of the Ultimate Warrior, Collin Kapernick's current run in with the law, and NFL draft possibilities.

You never know what Jerry is going to say but Sports will be part of he conversation.

We promise to bring information in the week in sports and talk fantasy football, baseball and a little fantasy Basketball. MMA and other sports are on tap so stick around for a great show.

This show promises to bring a great deal of debate on sports, politics and everything in between, and a great deal more. Mac is controversial and Jerry tries to keep him on the level. Tune in for a great time.
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