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The Anthony and B.Fly Radio Show Brings A New Wave Of Topics To the Listeners. We both are able to captivate the Listeners with "Positive Energy". Be apart of our "LEGACY" by calling in at 347-326-9139.

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Life becomes stagnant when we can't seem to push pass the people we think we love. This will only happen when we continue to keep those toxic relationships on life support by talking about them daily. Join Dr. Fab and I... more
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Special Guest Timothy Dodley on The Priceless Minds Show With Sherry P! "Is Three Months Into Dating Too Soon To Ask For Financial Assistance?" Let's Talk About It!!!

Selena Haskins is a native Washington who writes stories that don't expire. Her stories are dramatic, suspenseful, family-oriented, and inspirational. Selena's debut novel, A River Moves Forward has earned many 5-star reviews... more

Tamika's passion for writing began at an early age. In college she majored in English with an emphasis on creative writing. Tamika wrote short stories both for class assignments and for pleasure. Her dream of becoming a published author... more

"To Screw or not to Screw" That my friends, is the question. Should a woman be willing to have sex on the first date? Can she really expect to find love when she allows the man to ?tap that? so soon? Join Dr. Fab and I today at 6 p.m. (CST)... more

"The Power Within, A Woman's Worth: From Both Sexes" is a book that was written to enrich women and empower the minds of men in the world dating and relationship. This book is designed to help women understand their self worth... more

Nicole Dunlap holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Child Development, and a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling from Azusa Pacific University. She lives her dream of counseling in the inner city of San Bernardino;... more

"Digital Manners"? 'Is It Rude to Return a Phone Call With a Text?' and much more. Join Dr. Fab and I today at 6 p.m. (CST) / 7 p.m. (EST) as we discuss "Dating Dilemma: When to Text Versus Calling." Listen/call in (347)326-9139... more

Rhonda Nails is known for sharing her experience and insight with Entrepreneurs. She carries three great titles The Success Instigator, ?Building Businesses on a Budget? or teaching?Lifestyle Solutions? through her couponing workshop,... more

Most people who know "Tina Brown" say that I am driven. I like to push the limits in terms of what I can achieve. I have a BA in Psychology and a MS in System Engineering. I've worked in a diverse set of jobs; notably as a mom, an antique... more