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vessels of prayer

Minister Aaron


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we are ministry that is inclined to bring the hearts of Gods people back to the heart of worship and prayer.

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there is someone out there today. you are thinking to yourself. I dont need God. I can make it on my own. what has God done for me. how can I know that he is real. if you are that person the listen carfully to this message. It just... more

are you confused about God , or religion? have you been rejected by the church? maby because of what you wear, or somthing you did etc, well let me take just a miniut to tell you about jesus. the true jesus who never turned no one away.

who in the old testement was saved? are they in heaven you say it was inpossible to be save in the old testement there was no salvation jesus had not come yet. well tune in and lets see.

we will over come

in this part of our study we will learn what happens at death. and where we go when we die. lets see what the Bible has to say ont he subject.

if you are in need of prayer for healing, depression, family problems orr if you are just looking for spritual guidenc. plese call in and I would love to speak with you.

where do we go when we die? What happens to us? Do we go stright to heaven? let us examen the Bible and see what it has to say on the subject. in this study we will break down the scripture and see what the Bible says about the realm of... more

in today world we go through so many problems and face so many trials but Remember when you are in the Middle of lifes stormy seas "YOUR LIFE GIVER WALKES ON WATER"