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Spiritual counselor,psychic/medium gives insight to the mystical, metaphysical and spiritual and paranormal world. Guests of similar backgrounds and stories. or email me your question at I also book private and phone sessions or by Skype.

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In a mere 5 days we will be in the glory of Fall!!! Autumn Equinox and Mabon! hat will you do to celebrate this seasonal turning? Tune in tonight to share and learn
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Have you ever felt something "in the air" and start to think of someone? Have you ever been led to call someone or go somewhere and not understand why at the time? 13 years after 911 I still get the heaviness in energy of this tragedy we all... more

When our loved ones pass, many of us would love to be able to communicate just one more time. Did you know that they leave us signs and messages and perhaps we do t acknowledge them? Tune in tonight as Psychic Medium Torre' of... more

Sometimes our plate of life gets very full and we feel that we carry more than our fair share. When tensions sore it builds up to what we know as pressure. So how do we release and take back our peace? in tonight to find out how

Sometimes we dream of family and friends and sometimes we dream of total strangers . If they have passed to a Spirit or still here with us there is a meaning beyond our common connection. But what about these strangers??? une in... more

Ok, so Summer is here and for most of us that means hot, sticky weather and hot tempers and sticky situations! What kinds of fun do you create in the summer that keep you from losing your cool? Tune in ad call in tonight

Sometimes we take for granted that the products on our grocery shelves will always be available. What if they suddenly were not? If you had to live off the grid could you? What % of America would be prepared? Do you think local and... more

What in the world are Orbs? Are they real? Where can you find them? I'll bet you have seen them and just not known it...that's why I have as my guest tonight Jodie Bellis. Orb photographer/Artist and Spiritual Scientist Jodie resides in the... more

Happy Birthday Cancer people and to all of you nurturing and mothering ones. What are your dreams? Your life goals? if you don't know... Call in tonight

Lighten up your energy by a lighter and healthier diet. In our Spiritual growth we must be aware of what we not only take in with our senses externally but also what we take in internally. Call ins welcom
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