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We've lost the surprise in movies, the out-liers, the gems, the classics.

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Off the cuff again as I discuss and lament the lost of varience in film and why word of mouth must be reinstated. 

Once again, some directors worthy of mention for those that don't know them.

Cecille B Demille

Norman Taurog

Alfred Hitchcock

David Lynch

William Wyler

Akira Kurosawa

Billy Wilder

Vincente Minnelli

Chang Cheh

James Cameron

Stanley Kubrick

James Whale

Orson Welles

Howard Hawks

David Lean

John Ford

Fritz Lang

Otto Preminger

George Cukor

Preston Sturges

Bernardo Bertolucci

There are others, an army of others across all nations of course. however the list can't go on forever now can it? Request more names if you'd like to know who the directors of legend are. 

I encourage those in need of good storytelling to look towards the past, and explore all films - Chinese, Japanese,Korean, American, British, German, Russian, Italian, African and all genres; That is the only way you will see past the wool being pulled over your eyes by the studios. 

Dark knight the godfather? Chris Nolan the next Spielberg? Every film that comes out, the greatest ever?

Watch your tongues little ones before you lose it.

I do not comment on who i believe the greatest of all time (the G.O.A.T) is because I have not seen every film ever made. 

I guarantee you haven't either and until you do, and know for a fact that there is not a film you have not seen, you cannot say who is the greatest ever or what a good film is because your view is severely limited.

I can however comment on the greats, I can rattle off names, because there is a lot of them and I've committed myself to discovering their works from being buried under the ashes of time.