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Velocity Athletic Training Radio every Saturday at 11:00am (PST) 2:00pm (EST) with over thirty rewarding years employed as a Fitness Professional Layla's show discusses everything related to Athleticism, Health, Nutrition, Wellness and Fitness Business.

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We are in constant desire to achieve optimal health and wellness, the journey seems to be endless. Join Layla and her special guest, Josephine Lavallee. Josephine Lavallee achieved a BA degree in Physical... more

Velocity Athletic Training Radio is back with an update on Tuesday! A brief show updating our followers with what's happening and new at Velocity Athletic Training! Tune in!

The human body is an amazing machine. Wellness has become so advanced that we can take this machine and heal it from injuries to achieving advanced athletic abilities. Tune in to learn about Muscle Hypertrophy. What is it? How it applies... more

The Scoop on Muscle Atrophy - What is it? Who does it effect? What are the remedies? Tune in to hear the answers!

Layla's tag line, "Unleash Your Inner Athlete". What does it mean? Tune in with her special guest Tyhson Banighen known as the "energy detective". We're not talking physiological energy, we're talking "spiritual energy" in relation to our... more

Layla shares the characteristics of the Pro-Ager vs the Anti-Ager. Pro-Agers will learn how to effectively implement an Anti-Aging program to optimal health and wellness.

A common occurence within today's society - Bullying. Layla and her special guest Michelle Tremblay, a Anti-Bullying trainer will discuss this common dilemma.

The first step to creating and or re-creating your Athletic Lifestyle is through a FitMIND. Layla has developed this workshop as part of her Corporate FITT Retreat itinerary. She welcomes Robert Sharma as her special guest. Mr.... more

Beginning a Weight Training program? Have you hit a plateau? Layla shares a few great pointers on "Creating a FIT Body". An introduction of TEAM Velocity!

The evolution of Health and Wellness - When did it begin? By who? and where are we now? Layla takes a look at the history of Health and Wellness and how much it has shaped (not just our bodies) but our mental and emotional state.