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Velocity Athletic Training Radio

Velocity Athletic Training Radio


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Velocity Athletic Training Radio every Wednesday at 12pm (PST) 3:00pm (EST) with over thirty rewarding years employed as a Fitness Professional Layla's show discusses everything related to Athleticism, Health, Nutrition, Wellness, Spirituality and Fitness Business.

On-Demand Episodes

The Aura Part 2 - Layla will discuss the human body's energetic field and it's layers. We are more than made up of skin, bones, and physiology. The seven layers of this energetic field represent our physical, emotional, mental... more

The Aura most often is described as the body's outside energy field. Not everyone can see and or feel this energy field, only those attuned to and practice energy work will see a color or a mirage of color surrounding a person. It is said that... more

Layla's shares her experience and journey while she was in session with a Reiki Master, as well as answering most questions clients ask about Reiki. Is it a lost art? By all means, it is not lost. Those who embark on this amazing journey are... more

A Message of Peace and Happiness is Layla's personal reflection on today's world. What is astounding is that we "think" of Peace and Happiness but are we actually putting these thoughts into practice? Are you thinking of the next... more

A New Year is dawning, and as usual, we ring it in with a new perspective, a new goal, a new manifestation! Layla shares Power Words to compliment your goals, your manifestations while on your journey to Unleashing your GREATNESS in... more

A Mantra. A Meditation. A Manifestation. All include the use of Power Words that inspire us as well as motivate us to achieve our heart's desire. Layla will share Power Words to motivate you to Unleash Your Inner Athlete in 2017! Tune in

Touching the Spirit Series Part 2 Athlete Meditation guides the athlete to unblock and release any emotional and mental blockages that they may be experiencing. Coach demands repeated practice, practice, practice, which puts undue stress... more

Colour is all around us, in our homes, our workplaces, and in nature. Colour is most often used to heal Body, Mind, and Spirit. In this episode, Layla discusses The Spiritual Meaning of Colour and how your colour resonates with... more

This is a 30 minute guided Meditation to clear your Mind, Emotions, and Soul! Layla will take you through the steps of breath work, clearing your mind, clearing your emotions and shielding the Aura. There will be periods of silence where... more

Are you 50+ and look GREAT! The stigma that Fitness is only for the young and energetic is basically that...A STIGMA! Ladies and Gents, tune in to learn more about how to defy that stigma and continue your journey on Ageless Fitness.... more