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Listen in for recipes and tips for vegetarian and vegan cooking. Expand your vegetarian palette through recipe reviews. Educate yourself about being a vegetarian and moving into this lifestyle. Get inspiration for weekly vegetarian and vegan meal ideas and grocery shopping tips. Learn how to keep on track with a balanced and healthy vegetarian diet. Hear the latest news from local farmers and food culturists about interesting new vegetarian ingredients from all across the globe.
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    Taboo Talk Guest Starring Chef Jesse Jones

    in Spirituality

    Taboo Talk, a Christian talk show featuring Lady Charmaine Day (Pastor, Publisher, Author, Radio Host and Motivational Speaker www.ladycharmaineday.com). Taboo Talk helps individuals transform their mind, body, and spirit utilizing the principles of Jesus Christ! Guest starring Chef Jesse Jones. Chef Jesse Jones is a rising star on the culinary scene and he is just getting started. His Southern Cooking with a Country French twist has earned him celebrity clients, a loyal following who love his style as much as his dishes, and victories at cooking competitions, including Ultimate Chef of Bergen County, NJ in 2010. In Northern NJ he’s gaining a reputation as a celebrity chef, between catering for Tyler Perry at 98.7 Kiss FM, posting recipes on The Alternative Press, hosting Chef Jesse Live cooking demos and opening a pop-up restaurant serving prix-fixe Sunday dinners in South Orange, NJ in 2012. He goes by “Chef Jesse” and to know him is to believe in him. His charisma and natural storytelling personality attract people near and far to his unique style. “Chef Jesse” attended Hudson Community Culinary Arts Program in Jersey City, NJ where he learned his technique. But he inherited his passion for cooking from his mother, Mrs. Mildred Jones, and his grandmother, Mrs. Hannah Jones. Chef Jesse lives in Irvington, NJ with his wife, 2 boys and Zeus, his Italian Mastif. You can find more information about Chef Jesse on Facebook (at Jesse Chef Jones) and follow him on Twitter (at chefjesse1) and LinkedIn (at Jesse Jones). Contact Chef Jesse at chefjesse1@aol.com or by phone at (973)580-2203

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    Cooking With CLASS

    in Food

    Learn how to cook with Creativity, Love, Attitude, Simplicity, and Soul  from Gluten Free Casein Free Chef and Author Tom Dickinson as he campaigns to get parents of children and adults who are on the Autism Spectrum to forego fast food and microwave dinners for fresh food that is easy to prepare and tastes absolutely delicous.   

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    The Survival Podcast

    in Education

    The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko
    Episode-888- Carla Gericke from the Free State Project
    Carla Gericke - "Queen Quill" at Porc Fest 2011
    Carla Gericke is also known as “Queen Quill” was born in the in the police state of South Africa and immigrated to California after winning a green card in a lottery.  She practiced law as in-house counsel at Fortune 500 companies in Silicon valley before redirecting her efforts to liberty activism and writing.
    In 2008, Carla moved with her husband from New york City to New Hampshire.  In 2009-2012, Carla was the organizer of the Porcupine Freedom Festival, which grew significantly under her leadership.
    When not wearing her Porcupine Crown, (in other words her day job), Carla is a Program Director for a NH based arts non profit company, where she also teaches writing.  Carla speaks and writes on liberty topics, and she is currently working on a book about the Free State Project.
    She like cooking, traveling (less now that the TSA exists), yoga, keeping law enforcement accountable, voluntary monarchies and killing the occasional turkey with her bare hands.  We call her the Quill Queen because in addition to all of the above she is also the currently serving president of the Free State Project.

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    PRN Best of Equip2Endure

    in Family

    1st Hour: Thu, April 19, 2012 (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/doctorprepper/2012/04/20/equip2endure) Join the Equip 2 Endure Team; Adam Francis, Robert Oliver, and Joe Flowers as the interview the lovely Karen Hood: Owner Survival.com, survivalQ.com and just purchased survivalchannel.com. Karen is wife of Late and Great Survival Expert, Ron Hood, Editor/Publisher in Chief “Survival Quarterly Magazine.” Authors include the likes of David Wescott, owner of Rabbitstick and Mykel Hawke, from Discovery Channel’s One Man Army. Karen is a pubished Author for many outdoor magazines, and she has been featured on several Television Programs, such as Channel 4 news in Los Angeles, David Letterman Karen is a 12 Telly Award Winning Videographer and On-Camera Talent and along with her late husband, is the Originator/Creator of the Acclaimed Woodsmaster, Cave Cooking and Urban Master Videos with over 30 titles available. Ron and Karen’s Award Winning DVD’s are widely considered to be the best wilderness training aids in the world with tens of thousands of military and civilian customers located around the globe. They have sold over 2 million copies of their DVD’s worldwide and their DVD’s can be seen in stores around the country such as Cabela’s, Bass-Pro Shops, K-Mart, Wal-Mart www.hoodswoods.net 2nd Hour: Tue, April 17, 2012 (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/doctorprepper/2012/04/17/equip-2-endure) This week we will be talking to the Grandfather of modern Bushcraft, Mr. Mors Kochanski. Known for his phrase "The more you know, the less you carry", Mors is an well known author of multiple books as well as a series of booklets relating to outdoor skills. Mr. Kochanski has an international following as an instructor for both civilian and military in Canada, the US, the UK and Sweden.


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    Cooking on a Sailboat Part 2 with a USCG Captain

    in Family

    Linda Cullum, author of "Learn to Sail! with Multimedia!" http://LearnToSail.Net, continues the interview with USCG Captain Susan Smith http://LearnToSailOnLine.com on the subject "Cooking on Board" Topics covered are food preservation, types of foods to bring, food prep, stoves, dishware, recipes and much more!

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    Drop Squad Kitchen: Unapologetically HEALTHY

    in Education

    So you wanna be vegan today? Hmph. Welcome to the wilderness.  It is wild out there. FDA, Codex Alimentarius,  and Mega Supermarkets are all out there and trained and ready to battle with you. The food Matrix is insane! Beware of traps that say “All Natural”,  ”Gluten Free” , and “Organic.”
    What you need is someone to come in and clean house for you and walk you through the process stage by stage.  What you want, what you need, what you get is the Drop Squad Kitchen (DSK). The  Chefs are: Abundance Child  a dandelion roots researcher of natural foods and herbs with over 15 years of research in what she has dubbed “transitional veganism”,  she has owned and operated a vegetarian catering company for 15 years;  and Aiya Abrihet,  an herbalist, naturopath-in-training, holistic mentor and vegan chef that  is currently pursuing graduate studies in herbal medicine.  In a world of seedless fruits, lol; Aiya and AC  have  alternatives and options  to everyday conventional indoctrinates of comfort foods. For more info go to http://dropsquadkitchen.com

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    Vegan Menus with Bryanna Clark Grogan

    in Food

    Today Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian chats with Bryanna Clark Grogan who is author of  8 popular vegan cookbooks, including vegan bestseller Nonna's Italian Kitchen. We’ll hear about her newest title, World Vegan Feast: 200 Fabulous Recipes from Over 50 Countries, which features a collection of recipes and practical culinary and vegan information that can help any home cook excel. Bryanna wrote and published the popular subscription newsletter, the Vegan Feast, for 5 years, and maintains a vegan cooking blog. Bryanna has devoted over 40 years to the study of cooking and nutrition, the last 22 to vegan cooking.  She wrote newspaper cooking columns for over 20 years, wrote and edited a newsletter on bread and sourdough, and was a frequent contributor and reviewer for Vegetarian Times magazine for 5 years.

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    Your Health Path

    in Health

    Learn how vegan diet has turned my life around.  I lost 130 pounds, lowered my cholesterol and cured my diabetes.  Becoming vegan my husband lost weight and at 66 is on no medications.  My mother lost 80 pounds, went from taking 15 prescriptions a day to only 2 at 85 years old, started walking 7 miles a day and lifting light weights.  I know if we can  have such incredible improvements so can you.  It is worth living for.
    I started eating vegan because I discovered I had diabetes and my blood sugar was 495.  I researched and found out vegan diet was very helpful in reducing the blood sugar levels.  I started eating vegan, which was not such a leap since I had been a vegetarian since the age of 3.  I thought I couldn't survive without cheese and eggs, after 2 weeks I couldn't have cared less.  I felt better and my blood sugar was normal within 30 days.  However, there was still the question of the damage to my arteries from having such high cholesterol so I researched again online and found Dr. Joel Fuhrman who wrote Eat to Live.  That's when all 3 of us began having tremendous results.  We have based our eating on his "diet" which is a diet only in the sense of the first meaning of the word "The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats"
    Let us help you learn how to eat food that you will feel good about, feel good eating and tastes great.

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    Parmesan Crusted Cod Recipe (Mar. 25, 2012 - Part 3)

    in Family

    Part 3 of 3: Originally Aired March 25, 2012
    Dianne Linderman talks about the incredible benefits of coconut oil and why it's great for cooking.
    Also on this segment – a caller who works directly with Dianne talks about how much Dianne has helped her over the years.
    Find out more about Dianne Linderman on her website: http://www.everythingthatmattersradio.com/ and be sure to check out Dianne's cook book Everything That Matters in the Kitchen.

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    Healthy Gourmet on Maricopa Cty Home Shows blog talk radio

    in Design

     Healthy Gourmet Cookware is a line of top quality stainless steel cookware manufactured by West Bend Cookware. Serving more than 1 million customers across America, their investment quality, waterless/greaseless line of cookware products come with a Lifetime Warranty. These products are not available in retail stores and can be purchased only through live demonstrations with their trained cooking professionals. The construction of this minimum moisture cookware allows for great tasting, healthy meals at home.                                        Listen every M-F at 9am as we interview preferred home show vendors, give tips and ideas for home improvement and offer the latest info on what is going on in the Home Improvement industry and at the upcoming Home Show! This radio show is presented by the BIG Maricopa County Home Shows, held 5 times a year, exclusively at the AZ State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, AZ and the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ.

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    Tammy Lipps - The Ripe Choice Catering

    in Marketing

    Today I interview Tammy Lipps, owner of The Ripe Choice an exclusive, full service catering company. Tammy is a professionally trained Chef with a decade of experience and a lifetime of passion for creatively enhancing the experience of food.

    After graduating from the New School of Cooking, in Los Angeles, CA, Tammy has leveraged her culinary skills to chart daily menu planning for celebrity clients, preparing romantic anniversary dinners for two, to gallery openings for 1,500 persons.

    She and staff of The Ripe Choice have staged high-impact events for the entertainment industry, built from the ground up, to catered affairs for weddings set among the hills of Malibu to delivering homemade meals for families in unique circumstances.

    The key-differentiating factor that makes The Ripe Choice the right choice is the 1:1 attention Tammy and her staff invokes to customize the translation of your event vision to a memorable occasion.

    Even if you don't know exactly what you want, trust Tammy and her team to make it happen.

    Tammy's mantra: We guarantee a menu that is flavorful, festive and fulfilling to your guests.


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    Ready or Not with Carolyn Nicolaysen.

    in Family

    Donna Miller joins Carolyn to brainstorm and explore creative ways to inventory, maintain and rotate your food storage. Join in as they talk about fun tips and a few unique recipes.      Visit Carolyn’s website at: http://blog.totallyready.com