Listen in for recipes and tips for vegetarian and vegan cooking. Expand your vegetarian palette through recipe reviews. Educate yourself about being a vegetarian and moving into this lifestyle. Get inspiration for weekly vegetarian and vegan meal ideas and grocery shopping tips. Learn how to keep on track with a balanced and healthy vegetarian diet. Hear the latest news from local farmers and food culturists about interesting new vegetarian ingredients from all across the globe.
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    Jennifer Normant Hell's Kitchen season 9

    in Comedy

    Jennifer Normant from "Hell's Kitchen 2011" is one of the contestants in Season 9 of the FOX cooking competition series. She started off the season as a member of the Red team.

    Jennifer Normant ("Hell's Kitchen 9") is a 34-year-old chef de cuisine in Boston, Massachusetts. Her signature dish is Special Secret Pork with Mashed Sweet Potatoes.

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    Interview with Author Tiana Laveen – IR Sensuality In Words

    in Romance

    Tonight’s show - Interview with Author Tiana Laveen – IR Sensuality In Words – is promised to be hot and spicy.  Author Tiana Laveen was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and now resides in Kentucky with her husband, infant son, and feline companion. She enjoys a fulfilling and enriching life that includes writing books, drawing, painting, listening to music, cooking, and spending time with her friends.

    Tiana Laveen is a uniquely creative and innovative author whose romance fiction is geared towards those who not only want to temporarily escape from the daily routines of life, but also delve into social taboo issues as it pertains to interracial relationships. Tiana creates a painting with words as she guides her reader into the lives of each and every main character. Her first book series entitled “Cross Climax” tackles interracial dating, marriage, and sexual relationships head on without any false bravado. “Cross Climax I” and “Cross Climax II” allow the reader to dive head first into short stories that are packed with seduction, romance, and heart-pounding punch. The two novels in conjunction lead to a surprising, but fulfilling conclusion.

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    bold Foods with Bold Wines

    in Food

    Bold Foods with Bold Wines. Learn how to pair your favorite foods with great, value wines. You will enjoy all the good to know information and be amazed at how Bold foods with Bold wines shares how versatile spicy foods can be as well as healthy and pair well with terrific wines--not the same old, same old choices. Practical, quick and easy southwestern recipes are given along with practical wine buying advice.

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    Rants, Raves & Rock Radio!

    in Entertainment

    Join Nancy & Lisa - editors of, plus guest co-hosts Eddie Maldonado & musician Michael Ely, for Rants, Raves & Rock Radio!
    Featured guests:
    - HT Narea - International Investment Banker & Author 'The Fund'
    - Debra Gulley - Horse, Wild Horse & Burro Activist
    - 'The David Bowers' with Anthony "Zee" Donaldson of the Utica Music & Arts Fest, and Keith Reed of performing funk/rock band 'Belikos'
    - Jim Cherry - Author 'The Last Stage'
    - Chris Perrin 'The Party Food Dude' & Editor of

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    Stretch your groceries and eat healthy!

    in Family

    The generalitities of the show will ALWAYS be to eat as healthy as possible on as small a budget possible. 
    Stretching foods Left-overs Whole grains Cooking from scratch Canning/Preserving Freezing Dehydrating Couponing Long-term Food Storage Come listen each week as Donna hits on a new topic to help you make the most of your food budget!
    For FREE recipes sign up at:
    For many of the 'tools' we talk about here visit:
    For VIDEO tutorials to stretch food, wathc here:
    Thank you for listening and sharing!
    Best Blessings and enJOY the journey!

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    Enjoying The Summer More With Essential Oils

    in Moms and Family

    Summer is here ... YIPPPPPPEEE ... lots of sun and fun to be enjoyed by ALL !!
    We all know with summer comes swimming, barbeques, and camping and we look forward to hitting the road and soaking up every daylight delight that we can.
    But as you and your kids go out to have some summer fun, there's a really good possibiity that you may just might end up with screaming kids, dirt, bug, and sunburns.
    Essential oils have proven to be a natural, effecrtive way to take the stress ... and sting ... out of some of those situations ...
    Listen in to what several experienced essential oil users have to say about using essential oils to enjoy more fun this summer with less stress and drama!
    Jill Taylor, Dawn Ryan and Rose Mis are sharing great tips about using essential oil in cooking, keeping you and your kids healtheir and just enjoying summer a whole lot more !!

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    Veggin' Out!

    in Vegetarian

    A weekly discussion with vegetarian (and former omnivore) host Melanee E. Nelson about food related issues, with a focus on vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, as well as just simply making healthy choices in these economic times. Do you have questions, comments, or concerns about food in general? Call in! Let's VEG OUT!

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    Barry Satz,Phyllis Sdoia-Satz & Zeiss on Conversations LIVE

    in Current Events

    At the top of the hour host Cyrus Webb welcomes Barry Satz and Phyllis Sdoia-Satz to Conversations LIVE to share how they are making learning fun and easy for children and adults and how the Sdoia-Satz Method can work for you! 
    Then at 30 min. past the hour Webb talks with recording artist Matthew Zeiss about his love of music and what's next for him.
    Finally at 45 min. past the hour resident chef Bruce Tretter delivers the week's Quick and Easy Cooking Tip.

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    Nutrition: Will kids eat healthy food?

    in Food

    Will kids eat healthy food?
    Tune in Friday August 26
    Time 3-3:30pm
    As Tania Lopez host of "Cooking with Coqui the Chef" radio show, interviews Certified Nutrition Coach Dori Friedberg.
    Join us as we talk about: 
    healthy food kids like Do kids enjoy cooking/being in the kitchen?  healthy recipes she created using recognizeable foods some "tricks" to getting kids to eat veggies  
    About Dori Friedberg, NE, BA, CMT is a certified Nutrition Coach who is passionate about helping people achieve their goals centered on healthy food choices. Dori has worked in the health and wellness industry since 1997 and is confident that her abilities can help her clients create lasting and positive change, promote consciousness and give them an overall sense of control, joy and confidence.
    Dori studied nutrition at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts and became a Certified Nutrition Educator in 2008. She also received her BA in Liberal Studies with an emphasis on Physical and Mental Health from California State University Fullerton in 2007. She received her Massage Therapy Certification in 1997 from the Touch Therapy Institute in Encino, CA. Integrating all 3 areas of study into a practice of individualized and supportive holistic care, Dori strives to be a team player for her clients and to teach them life lasting skills to achieve sustainable health and to be healthy examples for their loved ones and their community. Visit her website: 

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    Show Mer-C !!!

    in Entertainment

    Rising hip-hop star Mer-C shares her career moves (and favorite recipes) with Convict Cooking Magazine in an exclusive interview. 

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    in Fun

    Today's show will conclude our shows about grains (for now; there may be other grain topics that come up in the future).  For the people who've tuned in so far,  I apologize that there was no show on Friday (that was a Big Important Day for me) or Saturday (that was Waiting for Hurricane Irene Day) or Sunday (that was Being Thankful Irene Wasn't Really Awful, Now Let's Escape the Valley Heat Day).  Today things are back to normal; we'll be learning more about some fun "new" grains that may be new to us, but which have actually been around for a long time.  Grains are easy to prepare and are very nutritious, so this is a worthwhile topic to investigate.  In addition to the grains we've previously learned about, like buckwheat and black rice, we'll also learn about salba, which apparently brightens moods, freekeh, which apparently eases digestion, teff, which apparently boosts energy, quinoa, which apparently boosts immunity, and amaranth, which apparently slims you down.  I say "apparently" because this information is mostly new to me, but it's from a very dependable source which will be discussed in the show.  Remember, ASK YOUR DOCTOR before trying new stuff-- and make sure they're a real doctor, not someone who wants to play one on TV or says they are because they think they can.  Some people are allergic to some things, so be aware of that too-- but mostly, enjoy happy, healthy eating.  It makes life fun and interesting to try new foods &  recipes. 
    Also, for those listening who may have suffered damage from Hurricane Irene, my heart goes out to you.  Now, more than ever, it's important to help our fellow citizens in need,, so if there's a chance you can donate to a group that can help them, please do.  My loved ones did alright in the storm, but we're all glad Irene has moved on.

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