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A very special thanks to the legendary NLP marketer Glenn Osborn who delivered his usual brand of twisted brilliance on a very high level. For those of you who want to learn more about the mind of one of the most original and brilliant marketers alive.....check out Glenn Osborn further at the following websites below.

Be prepared for anything. Glenn is probably the most original dude in the game......and it's always an honor to have him on the show.

Thanks 2 all my loyal listeners.....on a very difficult and sad day here in Vinny Land.

Treasure Your Friends......when the game finally ends.....we all must die. The few true friends you have....are often counted on one finger......cherish them. And if along the way they choose to stab you in the back after getting your "best".....wish them well....because it's their loss....and their bad karma.  

xxx Vegas Vince


Here are the 3 sites.

Flirt Tipping Testimonials -


Pay-It-Forward TEST Site of Testimonials -


Archive of Ezines and 60+ products...


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