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Hi Everyone, Welcome to my show my name is Sonia and I am a former professional print model who has been published. I have been published in Playboy May Issue 2000 as well as many other publications and calendars. My newest venture which I am very passionate about is my radio show. What makes my show unique is that I will discuss a variety of topics with various guests My guests are articulate, educated experts in their field. They have been in the media, and also have published books. My goal is to give you informative helpful information as well as entertain you. I hope you will enjoy my show. Call into the show with your questions, comments or suggestions to me or my guest. When calling the show with a question please be prepared to give me your first name, where your from, and your question. All of my calls are screened. Some of my guests offer free gifts to the first lucky caller that calls into the show maybe you will be that lucky person. I also take your questions,comments,and suggestions in my live chat room. My chat room is moderated. Phone lines and chat room open 10 minutes before each show. I take all calls and all email questions and chat room questions the second half of the show after my guest's interview. If you can not listen live to any of my shows and would still like to ask a question for any of my guests. Please email me to with your question. If you have any questions about my show or would like to suggest a topic you can always email me to Disclaimer: Any Information given on this show does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the hostess. Please see your physician or legal adviser for any advice or help you may need. Thank you Sonia. New Policy: Please remember when calling into the show I don't accept any Skype calls or blocked number calls.

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Today's topic is "Relationship Advice" My special guest today is Dr. Donna Dannenfelser. Dr. Dannenfelser will discuss her Experience serving as psychotherapist to the NY Jets Dr. Dannenfelser feels "Relationships are alot like sports". Dr. Donna Dannenfelser is a top psychotherapist, certified hypnotist, and dream analyst with over 25 years experience. She was the highly esteemed psychotherapist for the New York Jets in the 1990s specializing in men's issues pertaining to high-profiled professional athletes, including their wives and families. Her clientele extended to professional athletes from other arenas, such as baseball, basketball, hockey, boxing, and golf, along with women's sports such as bodybuilding, skating, and wrestling. Dr. Donna's straight-talk, no nonsense approach, coupled with her incredible experience working for the NFL was enough for USA Network to base a show on her life titled, ?Necessary Roughness.? She has toured the New York area giving motivational workshops on surviving divorce and separation, parenting issues, substance abuse, physical and verbal abuse, the ?coming out? for people who choose to live alternate lifestyles, and coping strategies for survivors of tragic experiences. Dr. Donna currently resides in Los Angeles, California. For more information about Dr. Dannenfelser please visit her webite ,
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Today's topic is "Relationship building and the paths to treatment for all addictive behavior". My special guest today is DeAnna Jordan. Deanna Jordan has always been committed to helping those in recovery. She has worked in recovery... more

Today's Topic is " My special guest Camille Kimball an Emmy winning Investigative journalist who now writes books. All of her books are non-fiction and tell the story of real crimes. Her second book is "What She Always Wanted",... more

The Original air date of this show was on May 25th. 2013. The topic of the show is "My guest Darren Kavinoky's career as an attorney, inspirational speaker, television personality/ host, legal analyst. The focus will be on current trials that... more

Today's topic is "Sharks" My very special guest is Mike Bhana from "Shark Week". Mike has been studying and filming sharks for the past 23 years. As a documentary filmmaker his portfolio reflects this with 18 films produced, directed... more

Happy Halloween for today's topic " I am welcoming back My Special Guest National Bestselling Author Alan Jacobson To Discuss His New Novel "No Way Out". Alan Will Also Discuss "Halloween Safety Tips For Children And Parents"... more

Hi Everyone the original live air date of this show was October 27th. 2012. I am airing this show again for Halloween. The Topic of this show is "Hundley Murders In Illinois" these murders occurred on Halloween in 1928 and are still... more

Today's topic is "Grow A Pair" "What it will mean in your life and your business if your able to do that" My special guest today is Internationally recognized speaker, author and television personality Mr. Larry Winget. His newest book "Grow... more

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Today's topic is "The Underground world of life in the Las Vegas tunnels". My special guest to discuss this with me is Matthew O'Brien. Matthew is an author and journalist who has lived in Las Vegas since 1997. His first book... more
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