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It has been a long, cold year without our favorite clones, but Orphan Black is finally back! In the season 2 premiere, Sarah is on the run, avoiding deadly adversaries, while also desperate to find her daughter Kira. Is the ruthless... more
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HOLY CRAP! What an action packed episode! VRO hosts Mike Pierce, Anna B and Jesus got together and chatted another episode of ARROW. In today's show - they discuss "The Man Under the Hood" which aired April 16 on the CW.... more

Variety Radio Radio brings you the From Dusk till Dawn: The Series Recap Show with hosts Mike Pierce and Jesus. In today's show they'll discuss episode 6 "Place of Dead Roads" - Jacob, Scott, Katie, Seth and Richie finally make it to the... more

Variety Radio Radio brings you the Hannibal TV Recap Show with your hosts Jesus Figueroa and Mike Pierce. In today's show they'll discuss season two's episode "Yakimono." - Will FINALLY gets released from the crazy hospital, Dr.... more

Variety Radio Radio brings you the Bates Motel TV Recap Show with hosts Mike Pierce, Jesus and Brancey. In today's show they'll sit and talk about the "Presumed Innocent" episode that aired on Monday on A&E. Don't forget if you... more

Time for another wedding in Westeros! Joy and happiness all around, right? Right? Ahem. Joffrey and Margaery's royal wedding sets the stage for some very important developments, pushing the season forward in a multitude of new... more

*TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES towards the middle of the episode!!* Join VRO hosts Brancey and Daphne as they go live for the very first Tomorrow People recap show on The VRO! Got questions or comments about this week's... more

*TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES in the intro clip, after the Castor clip and before the promo clip. We aren't quite as advanced as the Atrians it seems....* Join VRO radio hosts Brancey and Daphne as they host this week's Star-Crossed show!... more

Supernatural Recap Show on Variety Radio Online with hosts Brancey, Amy and Mike 'the movie guy' Pierce! They'll discuss the CW hit series Supernatural. Want to be apart of our show? Join us in the chat room during our live shows... more

The Originals returns from hiatus this week, just in time for another New Orleans festival—this time it's a traditional feast day, in which the community offers witches gifts in return for blessings. Meanwhile, Elijah makes plans to restore... more