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Variety Radio Online. (The V.R.O.) is dedicated to delivering the latest entertainment news & interviews from the world of television, music, film and books.

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Time for another wedding in Westeros! Joy and happiness all around, right? Right? Ahem. Joffrey and Margaery's royal wedding sets the stage for some very important developments, pushing the season forward in a multitude... more
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Join the V.R.O. January 14th 2009 As They Welcome G Tom Mac & Corey Haim!! That's right, G Tom Mac & Corey Haim will be on the V.R.O.! Many of you know G Tom Mac's hit song ‘Cry little Sister' The theme song to... more

Join VRO hosts Brancey and Daphne as they go live for the very first Tomorrow People recap show on The VRO! Got questions or comments about this week's episode? Tweet them in to @VROBrancey and we will read and discuss them on... more

*TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES in the intro clip, after the Castor clip and before the promo clip. We aren't quite as advanced as the Atrians it seems....* Join VRO radio hosts Brancey and Daphne as they host this week's Star-Crossed show!... more

Supernatural Recap Show on Variety Radio Online with hosts Brancey, Amy and Mike 'the movie guy' Pierce! They'll discuss the CW hit series Supernatural. Want to be apart of our show? Join us in the chat room during our live shows... more

The Originals returns from hiatus this week, just in time for another New Orleans festival—this time it's a traditional feast day, in which the community offers witches gifts in return for blessings. Meanwhile, Elijah makes plans to restore... more

Gina sits down with Chris Stuckey and Jess Merriman of MomoCon. To discuss the upcoming event! MomoCon began through Anime O-Tekku. Even now, its members and Georgia Tech alumni still comprise a good portion of the staff.... more

It's the ARROW Show - VRO hosts Mike Pierce and Anna B got together and chatted ARROW today to discuss the "Deathstroke" episode which aired April 2nd on the CW. Slade kidnapps Thea, Roy gets pissed, Oliver is loosing... more

Join Variety Radio Online hosts Amy & Mike as they discuss the highlights of The Following "The Reaping." The episode airs Monday 4/7 on FOX. Join the live chat room during the show. Subscribe on iTunes TheVRO and iWatchMike Follow... more

Join VRO hosts Raechel (@RaechelEP) and Keisha (@Keelime_) Monday, April 14 at 9 p.m. EST as they discuss what happened during Captain Hook's missing year. Want to be part of the show? Join us in the chatroom during... more