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Our Format is to bring All Types of Guests for Me and Our Listeners to Question/Comment on their answers & viewpoints agree or not. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

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AZ WAKE UP BEFORE 2020 ELECTIONS! There was No Voter Fraud in AZ, however there was crossover voting and the Numbers Prove It, that is for any looking for the TRUTH, and not trying to Blame Othersm as the Problem comes from Decades of Bad Faith Candidates and Broken Promises, or the GOP Theology of Lesser of Two Evils, and now the Chickens have come Home to Roost, and many Voters just decided against voting for the GOP US Senate, House and AZ SOS, Supt. of Public Inst. and more, need I say more. We'd better come up with a Real GOP Game Plan for 2020, which must include running in all Races or we'll Lose more in US & State Office Holders. Click to Read Short Proof with the Numbers. https://www.vanscrossroads.com/az-2018-elections-no-fraud/ God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk
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Campaign for Liberty The GOP yes GOP not just Boehner Fooled Republican Voters into believing they don't support Obama's Amnesty by First passing HR 5759 to open the door to getting the Dems to Vote for the final bill giving the so... more

Campaign for Liberty Lets see now; You can keep your Dr. & Ins. Plan if you chose to and my Executive Order Isn't Unconstitutional or Amnesty, if you believe this LIAR then we have a Bridge to sell U.Vans programs consist mainly on... more

Campaign for Liberty This is what needs to be done by all State & yes even the Federal Government, at present 42% of Government Aid goes to immigrants, in AZ the Cost for Illegals exceeds 1.5 Billion annually, now what's wrong with... more

Campaign for Liberty Our Government is sending more of Our Children to the Middle East to defend that area and None to Secure Our So. Border, do you ever wonder why those in office are so concerned about their Security and not Ours?... more

Campaign for Liberty The GOP won the election and now Obama says he's going to use his Executive Power to give Amnesty, will the GOP Block Him or Compromise the Future of All of US. If Obama gives Amnesty with his Pen, time... more

Campaign for Liberty As you fill out your Early Ballot or prepare to go to the polls tomorrow do you think it will matter or not? The answer is really quite simple depending on how you voted. Vans programs consist mainly on Political Issues... more

Campaign for Liberty I'll be discussing AZ and other states infection with what is called by most Early Ballot Harvesting and this practice makes our Elections basically a Fraud on All Voters and needs to be stopped or cancel Early Voting... more

Campaign for Liberty I'll be interviewing Libertarian Candidate for AZ Gov. Barry Hess, we'll be discussing his plans for AZ along with some issues most haven't thought about, log in and tell your friends as he's rising in the polls.Vans... more

Campaign for Liberty I'll be talking about my conversation with Rep. Salmon yesterday at a Liberty Group @ Glendale Community College and believe it will work and he seemed to agree, lets see if you do, called Common Sense. Vans... more

Campaign for Liberty The NRCC seems to be picking winners and losers according to some in the Conservative Wing of AZ's GOP and they're blaming the State Chair Graham who by the way claims to be innocent of all charges, I... more
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