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VAN's CROSSROADS / Parties Dividing Not Uniting the USA!

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Vans Crossroads

Vans Crossroads


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Our Political Parties and Government Bureaucrats are using Illegal Immigration as the Main Issue to Divide us rather than Uniting America, and the reason for this is to turn the USA into a Socialist Democracy, that is if you can ever really have one as History has up to now proven not to work for the People but works very well for those in Power. We as Americans must take Our Republic back and this must be started by Taking Back the Educational System in the USA that the Government is using to Indoctrinate the Children rather than Educate them, for the End result of bringing all of US to our Knees so the Elites can Rule America like those who Rule Russia, China, No. Korea, and Cuba etc. 

We as Americans have a very short window of time to Restore our Nation to a True Republic and Our Government has already turned a good deal of it into a Socialist State and this includes our Judicial System as well, where Judges make Laws from the Bench rather than to rule according to the Original Intent of the US Constitution, and if we don't turn this around in the next Decade then what Lincoln said about us committing Suicide or Reagan said about being just One Generation from losing Our Republic will have come to pass, this was also stated by our Founders who stated very clearly it will Take a Moral People to Keep US a Republic, and as anyone can now see we've drifted far from being what Our Founders would consider a Moral People.

In closing I hope all who read this will listen to the Show and then Pass it on to Others, for it will take an Army of US to Turn Around the Country so Many have Bled and Died to give US, if indeed it is to be passed onto Future Generations of Free American Citizens.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk