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Vans Crossroads

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All Americans suffer when the Federal Government decides to Buy Votes & Campaign Donations at the Expense of All of US. The Socialist Democrats and RINO GOP Elected Officials Sell US out at every turn and on Healthcare they're doing it again.  We must tell them to Remove the Federal Government from the Healthcare System as they have No Constitutional Authority to Administer Healthcare, lthe States should set the Standards so we who live in our respective states can control our state legislators far better than those in DC.  I believe if we set the Standards for Insurance Companies to be Licensed to do Business in and Across State Lines as is the Case with Auto Ins. it will drive down the cost and improve the Coverage with the Competition much like Grocery Stores, look at the Differences between say Kroger owned stores like Fryes & Ralphs who compete with Wal-Marts, this is how choices and prices willl adjust themselves in a Truly Free Enterprise System with of course some Regulations / Standards such as Pre- Existing Conditions being covered.  Revamp the Medicaid System keep able bodied people off at the Expense of Disabled, Financially Challenged and of course the Children.  Sen. Rand Paul is right on this one we hired the GOP to Repeal Obamacare not Replace It with More Obamacare Like Healthcare Laws, Enslaving all of US to the Federal Government and Insurance Companies, like the Social Security System has. This will be just the 1ST step in Restoring a Republic Form of Govenment to US & Our Children.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk