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Our Format is to bring All Types of Guests for Me and Our Listeners to Question/Comment on their answers & viewpoints agree or not. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

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President Trump vs. DC Bureaucratic Complex The DC Agencies are at War with President Trump to destroy him and take over our Government as they've been run for decades now by Socialists hell bent on turning the U.S. into a Socialist State, the latest tactic of discrediting Flynn last week is only the beginning of the Leaks to destroy our President and thereby our Nation. The time to fight back is now and do it wherever you're able, on the job, church, school, public places, family gatherings etc. If we as Free Born Citizens aren't willing to take on those who are now organizing to terrorize those in opposition to the total take over of our Nation then what our Founders said has come to pass, they stated it will take a Moral People to Maintain this Republic, well I realize the morality of the U.S. has slipped to an all time low so time now to step up and fix it while we still can as they've declared War on Freedom and we're the only one's able to fight back for the minds and hearts of other Americans. God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk
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?American Courts Rule America!? Americas' Court system is as Bias as the School System and Political Power structure in general and needs a Long Time Badly needed Remodel while we still have what's left of Our Republic.... more

The Terrorism on the streets in the US must be stopped by arresting those who seek to destroy our form of government and I'm speaking of those who do violence by burning, destroying property and harm others. The Law... more

The demonstrators opposed to President Trump securing our borders and Vetting Immigrants from Middle East Countries that have Radical Islamic Terrorist histories is similar to that of many European Countries before WW II when they... more

As Americans we must all begin to understand the Evil of Socialism at all levels and how it restrains if not eliminates the Freedoms our Republic was formed to give us. Our Constitutional Republic is meant to give all the Freedoms of... more

Gov. Ducey in his State of the State message laid out his plan to improve AZ Education and also said he'd not be raising taxes and also not cutting monies eleswhere, so the question is where is the Money going to come from to pay... more

I recall the AZ GOP Elections of 10 when Morrissey ran against Graham,Crawford,Hermanson and this was Grahams first shot coming from nowhere to of course garner a number of votes with the Grays support and... more

The Democrats are being aided by their Liberal Press Wing along with some in the GOP are at work to discredit President Elect Trump before he's even sworn in hoping on hindering the changes needed to heal America. Their reasoning is... more

We must get Gov. Ducey and Supt . Douglas to listen to us when it comes to Federal Interference into AZs' Education or remove them and Legislators who haven't gotten the message when it comes to Common Core no matter what... more

The Socialist Democrats have now realized they can't win in many one time loyal states and now are setting up a movement once again to Promote the Popular Vote which I believe already has 10 States and is on the move again. I know in... more
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