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Our Format is to bring All Types of Guests for Me and Our Listeners to Question/Comment on their answers & viewpoints agree or not. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

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The leaders in both Parties and those who truly supply them all with the Dollars to not only Run but Win to continue seving the Special Interest both Busijness and Socialist Groups to promote Open Borders, giving them Cheap Labor and the... more

Sen. McConnel is on the side of the Socilalist Democrats to prevent Trump from having any anbility to negotiate with the Socialist Dems or for that matter it would also exposne all those in the House and Senate who don't support Building a... more

The United States Government is required by Law to guarantee Protection to all it's Citizens no matter what the Elected DC Officials, Bureaucrats, Lobbyists, and of course other special interest groups want. I beliieve President Trump... more

I've been getting Emails, Calls, Messaging and Face to Face questions from many in AZ about the Nov. Election results many don't trust, due to what they call Irregularities or Voter Fraud. I do believe there were some of each of these,... more

Our Political Parties and Government Bureaucrats are using Illegal Immigration as the Main Issue to Divide us rather than Uniting America, and the reason for this is to turn the USA into a Socialist Democracy, that is if you can ever really... more

AZ WAKE UP BEFORE 2020 ELECTIONS! There was No Voter Fraud in AZ, however there was crossover voting and the Numbers Prove It, that is for any looking for the TRUTH, and not trying to Blame Othersm as the Problem comes... more

We the People held the Senate and the Loss of the House is on the GOP Members who decided to retire rather than fight for many Issues None of the Believe In, I'm speaking of the WALL, Immigration Reform and some just don't... more

Americas' lost it's Moral Compass over the last 5 Decades and is now seeing more Hate Crimes being committed at many levels whether they be Religious, Race, etc. it doesn't seem however to make the News unless there's some... more

I'll be talking about the No Win at the Border due to those in DC who don't want a Wall or any other Permanent way to Stop this or any other llegal Invasions. Those in DC want Cheap Labor and later on Votes and don't give a Damn about Us... more
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