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V-RADIO is a radio show dedicated to spreading awareness of the Resource Based Economy model suggested by Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project. I also frequently have guests including scientists, documentary film makers, and other activists. Thank you for supporting V-RADIO!

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Another installment of V-RADIO news where I talk about current events with a panel. Today's topics will include an analysis of FOX news, tonight's debates between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, and whatever else I can dig up in the... more

On this episode of V-RADIO we talk to Frances Causey the co-director of "Heist: Who stole the American dream?" a film that traces the source of the great depression. The film tackles all of the questions about how the depression really... more

POSTPONED A HALF HOUR. When Occupy Detroit was in full swing in Grand Circus Park I met Patrick. He was making a documentary to shed light on the real problems in the United States. He is still seeking a distributor for his film but I... more

PROFANITY WARNING IN THE BEGINING DUE TO GEORGE CARLIN CLIP. Even if you do not think politics is important or elections is important this show gives you a close look at the people who fund and organize our elections.... more

On this Septer 11th Edition of V-RADIO I am going to read from various news articles about current issues involving September 11th, as well as some recent past issues. Going to talk about how much this event changed the world... more

I have decided to read some news every day when I don't have a normal show. I of course will be offering commentary and allowing the phone lines to be open during the broadcast.

This episode is a series of pre-recorded segments of interviews I took during my visit to the "Occupy the Midwest" conference in Detroit Michigan. I was able to talk to Occupiers from many different states, as well as the... more

On this episode V-RADIO is proud to present Peter Joseph. I will be talking with Peter about his work on his new series "Culture in decline", the most recent episode he did and plans for future episodes. Thanks again to everyone who... more

Bringing on Ray Powell and opening the phone lines to discuss this historic event! This show is impromptu so it may be a wee bit sloppy here and there. Congressmen Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve just passed through... more

On this episode of V-RADIO we have Philippe Diaz, the filmmaker behind "The end of poverty?" and "The Empire in Africa". Both of these thought and emotion provoking films are a must watch for any activist. We will be talking with Phillipe... more
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