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V-RADIO is a radio show dedicated to spreading awareness of the Resource Based Economy model suggested by Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project. I also frequently have guests including scientists, documentary film makers, and other activists. Thank you for supporting V-RADIO!

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Returning to V-RADIO's book reading series of Jaque Fresco's book "The best that money can't buy" We will be continuing on to Chapter 6. My panelists will include Chris and Bryan, the two cyclists who rode their bikes to the Venus... more

V-RADIO now accepting donations to stay on the air.

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Thanks to your previous donations I was able to scrape together to keep the internet on. I have started a new widget that you can see on my MySpace, or just go to http://vtv.chipin.com/v-radio-donations I don't even need very much, but... more

Tonight V-RADIO interviews Chris Lemick and Brian Watkins, the two young men who got on their bikes and rode across the country to spread the word about the Venus Project. Tune in tonight as we discuss their trip and their future... more

I recently wrote a long post on the Zeitgeist forums refuting the logic of a couple of guys on youtube. They suggested reading this book to try and debunk the theory that technology creates unemployment in a monetary system. Tune in as... more

In this show we will pick up where the last show left off. We are moving on to Chapter 4 of Jaque Fresco's book, "The best that money can't buy." In the interest of putting more of the book in in the show, I will have less panelists then... more

Tonight I will be reading again from the book "The best that money can't buy" and will have panelists representing countries from all over the world to discuss the book, the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist movement. It is my intention to... more

I have been gone for a long time, and have had to do a lot of thinking. Though I still value most Libertarian values, I no longer believe in the free market. However, I equally reject Communism, and Socialism. I watched Zeitgeist Addendum... more

Today I am going to talk about the movie "No end in Sight" and informing my listeners of the various blunders (or were they intentional negligence) on the part of the Bush administration in the handling of the occupation of Iraq. Tune in... more

Tonight I am going to talk about the election, and comment on a documentary about the incident in Waco Texas at the Branch Davidian compound.

Today's show is about Theocracy, and why it is not freedom. And certainly is not Libertarian. Does Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party's position on how our nation should be governed truly reflect freedom?
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