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V-RADIO is a radio show dedicated to spreading awareness of the Resource Based Economy model suggested by Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project. I also frequently have guests including scientists, documentary film makers, and other activists. Thank you for supporting V-RADIO!

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V-RADIO interviews Perry Gruber to discuss Copisois, an alternative for the future similar to an RBE. I am now officially laid off from my job and working to get one of my old jobs back. I am going to continue to do V-RADIO as much as I can... more

One of the reasons I wanted to come back on to do V-RADIO is I noticed a disturbing trend that TZM and TVP related activism have been invaded by a lot of thinking that is not in line with what I understand TZM and TVP to be about.... more

In 2014 an appointed "Emergency Manager" took over control of the city of Flint and changed their water supply to one that was obviously toxic in the name of "cutting costs". And now the real cost will be paid by the children of Flint. Thanks... more

First show I have done in over a year. Pre-recorded. My employment is meager at the moment so I have free time. Please donate if you can at http://v-radioblog.blogspot.com/

Ben Stewart, the filmmaker from "Kymatica" and "Esoteric Agenda", lead singer of the band Hierosonic returns to V-RADIO to talk about his current work and a new TV show on the horizon! Tune in! (We had to reschedule this show. But check... more

On this episode of V-RADIO I will be asking Michael Shanklin some critical questions of Anarcho-Capitalism, completing the series we started earlier. V-RADIO is looking for donations for the month of January, please consider a... more

Doug Mallette returns to V-RADIO to talk about his work and progress on Cybernated Farm Systems, his upcoming trips to Croatia, Abu Dabi, Cambodia, Amsterdam and Osaka, Japan. We will be talking about Doug's current work and... more

V-RADIO welcomes back the "Spiritual Entertainer" and former "Love Police" activist Danny Shine. We will talk with Danny about his take on world events and his current activism activities. V-RADIO is seeking donations for the month of... more

Tonight on V-RADIO I continue my tradition of doing a V-RADIO Christmas special. Though I will not be ranting so much specifically about the consumerist holidays as I have in the past. (But I am sure that will still happen.) V-RADIO is... more
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