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Welcome to U & I TALK SHOW with Louise UWACU. Made by : IMANA & UWACU PRODUCTIONS. CONTENT is QUEEN*. AUDIENCE is KING* Location : Vancouver, Canada. U&I is "UWACU" and "INTERNATIONAL" TALK SHOW. Previously known as; "The POS* with Louise" On U&I TALK SHOW Live Internet Radio...Our Favorite Guests and Experts are AUTHORS. Our Main Focus is INTERNATIONAL Topics and Issues. You will come to Love U&I because We Strive to GIVE VOICE to the SILENT THINKERS. And most importantly U&I are here to Tell the TRUTH about the little we know of our World. U&I TALK SHOW's Host is Louise UWACU. She is officially known as an inspiring Author, a captivating Speaker, a POSitivisionary* Producer and Documentary Film Maker... But if we had to give her just One title... Louise UWACU is simply an "under-cover" Comedian! GUARANTEED you will never be bored listening to The U&I TALK SHOW... U&I Exists To Exchange Real KNOWLEDGE, Right INFORMATION... and Hopefully Timeless WISDOM will be the Reward. Not to Mention... LAUGHTER is our Drug of Choice against this very very sick sick world we survive in... ha ha ha !!! TUNE IN... U&I Thank U... U&I Love... IMANA.

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U&I TALK : Foreign Investments in AFRICA. Featuring Abayomi Azikiwe. Tune in to hear our Featured Expert on The Realities or The Illusions of Foreign investments in AFRICA. Be in the know tomorrow. Be the one who builds a... more

U&I TALK : It's About Money at The World Cup with Dave Ferguson U&I may be watching the World Cup for the fun of it. But many out there are in it for the Money. TUNE in to hear our Featured Expert Guest : Meet Dave Ferguson: *... more

U&I TALK : Reality TV for Education with Nadine LaJoie. Education systems around the world are failing. What can U&I do about it ? Tune in to hear from our Featured Guest Expert Author : Meet Nadine Lajoie: Multi-talented business... more

U&I TALK : DEBT has become another EDUCATION Dreams Killer. What can U do about it ? Tune in to hear from our Featured Guest Expert Author : Helene Naftali is a financial advisor, Career Coach, psychotherapist, mom, and Author... more

This show will not be about just saving America. U&I Talk about CROWDFUNDING for all kinds of Entrepreneurs out there. Tune in to hear from our Guest Expert : Greg Writer – Author of ?Saving America:... more

Some may be mourning Maya Angelou's death, but to U&I who understand Life beyond this realm... Maya Angelou just became a baby in the next world! What will be her legacy in this world though? There is so much to be said. Let... more

NOTICE : This show is for the mentally healthy. This episode will be about the Mental Health of those trapped in the Prison System in America. If your own mental health is unstable right now... Please do not burden yourself with any... more

NOTICE : This show may be in French. Blame La France en Cote d'Ivoire. ON TODAY'S episode of the U&I TALK SHOW, as the title suggest, we are taking you to the heart of the COTE D'IVOIRE COUP D'ETAT through the eyes of a... more

NOTICE : The first half of this show is in English. The rest of the show is in KinyaRwanda. This is a special broadcast for this Sunday April 7th... Our Host, Louise UWACU will soon be releasing a new book; > and She will be answering... more

NOTICE : This show may be in French. Blame Le Quebec ! Suivez notre conversation avec l'auteur Patrick MBEKO. ON TODAY'S episode of the U&I TALK SHOW, as the title suggest, we are talking about the ways in... more
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