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Are you a prisoner of your own life experiences? Open Mind,will discuss how to understand life values, circumstances and daily concerns. Although, most people do not understand why they are faced with certain situations or adversities. However,having an open mind in all matters is a great virtue. Open mindedness allows you to surmount the traditions of your family, friends, and community to choose consciously for yourself.

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The Process Of A Relatationship With All Do Respect What Not To Do In A Relationship Can You Still Love After The Passion Is Gone

The sadness of the women's movement is that they don't allow the necessity of love. See I don't personally trust any revolution where love is not allowed. Maya Angelou

New relationships are especially vulnerable to this phenomenon. You've met, you fall in love, and before you know it, you want to give up everything else in your life — your friends, your hobbies, your family. You want to have sex day and... more

Cognitive components Thinking about or being preoccupied with your partner Idealizing your partner or the relationship Wanting to know your partner and wanting your partner to know you Emotional components Being sexually... more

Are you looking for love but finding disappointment? You may be asking for too much too soon. Don't rush into sex. Let the relationship deepen slowly over months. Think about what you bring to the relationship, not what you get from it.... more


Men why so much angry? Please explain men so we the ladies will know how to compromise.

Sunday Dinner at Mama's House. We will discuss The Anger of A Tired Black Man. Why are these men so tired are they confused, intimindated by the success of women, afraid to commit to a relationship,

e are not difficult. We want what we want and when we want it. Plain and Simply, Not Hard at all. Finally is there a guy who can honestly please us?

Why is it difficult for men to say what they really mean. Why all the LIES.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...........Ladies lets stop the continuous gift LIES from these men.