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    You Served Radio - Street Vets Documentary

    in Military

    Issac Goeckeritz - The statistics are staggering: Over 100,000 United States Veterans are homeless every year and many of these men fought several decades ago during the Vietnam Era. Beginning in the early 1990’s, dozens of homeless veterans programs have come into existence across the United States. Street Vets is the culmination of a year-long chronicling of the life and times of ten men living at one of these programs: The Homeless Veterans Fellowship - a transitional housing program aimed at assisting homeless Veterans into self sufficiency. The film provides a remarkably candid view of the long-term scars of war and personal tragedy that, in many cases, have led to alcohol, drug abuse…and life on the streets. In a powerful one hour documentary, award winning filmmaker Issac Goeckeritz takes viewers into the largely invisible world of homeless veterans and the difficult, but hopeful, pathways home.

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    Animal Totems : When Animals Speak

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of Cupid's Psychic Aim, Amy welcomes back new friend and fellow intuitive, Stan. Stan also has his own spiritual show, Dakestrel, right here on BTR. He is a wealth of information regarding animals, their energy, and the messages they have for us.

    Stan and Amy will be taking live caller requests for readings to help listeners find clarity and insight. In order to call in and get a reading, a nominal $5 donation is required to keep the show going. Thank you so much for your support!

    Click here to donate to the show.

    Give a $5 donation to Cupid's Psychic Aim and then call into the show at (347)327-9898 for a reading from Amy and her guest, Stan!

    If you would like a private reading with Amy, please visit:

    Cupid’s Healing Hearts

    If you would like a private reading with Stan or would like to listen to his show Dakestrel, please visit:

    Stan's Showpage on BTR

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    Out of the Fog: The Tarot Lady Takes Your Calls!

    in Spirituality

    Theresa Reed(AKA the Tarot Lady) has been reading professionally for more than 15 years, aiding clients from all walks of life in their spiritual journey. Her style is very no-nonsense and practical. She believes that we all have the power to shape our destinies and to improve our lives, no matter what the current circumstances are. Her goal is to use the power of tarot to empower!

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    Leslie Draper

    in Spirituality

    Leslie Draper, LightWorker, is an intuitive, healer, and empath.

    Leslie's weekly radio shows will feature divinely guided Angel Messages, an Angels in your corner segment, Free On Air Readings, and then a powerful and life changing guided meditation that facilitates healing on a profound level.

    Leslie's on air readings are not your typical rushed 2 minutes or less readings. She actually spends time with callers to provide them with the insight and guidance they need.

    Leslie teaches you how to connect with your Angels and guides. She uses very practical examples that are easy to understand, yet profound enough to be life changing.

    You won't want to miss Leslie's healing guided meditation. Listeners have reported seeing and feeling their angels, feeling major blockages being released and significantly increased intuition after a single session. Leslie helps connect you to your Truth - a Truth that we sometimes forget during our human experience: We are powerful and beautiful spirit beings. The ability to remember our connection to God is what allows us to heal.

    Join Leslie for an unforgettable evening with Loving and Healing Angels.

    You can purchase Leslie's new Healing Meditation "The First Step - healing meditation" at www.LeslieDrape.net

    Also, don't forget to find Leslie at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/Leslie-Draper-Light-Worker/120610791344631

  • 01:21

    LOVE: Chapter II

    in Self Help

    SpiritFlesh has evolved in more ways than the cohosts, Queen B. and Tiesha-Free, could have ever imagined. The next chapter of SpiritFlesh is taking on the various assignments in rediscovering LOVE when a soul transformation has taken place...how does LOVE look now with this new understanding? Listen in as they dissect! ***SHOW SOUNDTRACK*** I'm Looking for a New Love by Jody Watley / The Truth by India.Arie / Keep the Faith by Faith Evans (Orig air date 2/20/11)(6/1)

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    The Spirit Seeker Hour With Guest Daniela Sales

    in Spirituality

    Mich interviews Daniela Sales from Avokado Studio of Arts for Creative Living; your personal resource for holistic wellness and lifestyle. It is Daniela's most sincere wish to empower you to make wise health choices in your daily life to support wellness on all levels of your being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

    Join Cynde Meyer or one of our great hosts every Tuesday at 5:00PM PST and 8:00PM Eastern as they help you become your own Spirit Seeker. She will guild you as you journey into the unknown and strengthening your own spirit to travel this life more fully. Let her find ways for you all to heal both in the body and mind. As a Feng Shui expert she can also help your home as well as your heart. Call her at 636-530-7579 for your very own one on one appointment today. For more information goto http://www.cyndemeyer.com/homepage.html or http://www.spiritseeker.com

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    Fifty and Fabulous

    in Lifestyle

    A place for you, about you, with you to laugh, cry, and get recharged to manifest your dreams and honor your wisdom. Weekly discussions about spirituality, love, kids, careers, body image, and inexpensive beauty tricks. April K. has two masters in counseling and has been a social worker with families and kids working in the private and public sectors for over twenty years. Kick off your shoes, relax, this is your time to be fifty and fabulous. She is part of The Movement With Desire to Inspire Team. Personal questions can be answered there.

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    KTL RADIO presents BLUEPRINT 322: The Death of Crack Rap & The Rise of God Hip Hop feat AA Rashid

    in Entertainment

    Join KTL Radio as we present the precursor to the HIGHLY anticipated follow up to BLUEPRINT 322, the metaphysical, Kabbalistic breakdown of the world phenom known as Hip Hop. This episode will feature the Qabala God himself, A.A. Rashid alongside several special guests. The Red & The Blue Pill will also be doing a review of last weekends highly successful ATL lecture, "Health, Wealth & Knowledge of Self." Peace, see you there on your square!

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    Proof Negative Show: REAL PATRIOT NEWS -

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome to the Proof Negative Show, home of REAL discussion of Patriot News. Proof describes how we need to free ourselves from the Republican-Democrat boxes the Global Elites placed us in. Come join us & let us help you wake up before it's too late!

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    Life On A Homestead #6 APN Show #4

    in Family

    New Life On A Homestead Show #6

    Join me this Monday as I have the privilege of interviewing Linda Runyon, author of The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide. I'll be asking her more about her life living off-grid in the wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains, and discussion how she learned to survive by wild foraging. It's sure to be a very informative and intriguing conversation you're not gonna want to miss!

    Join me (Kendra)every Friday at 8:00 pm central I'll be talking more in depth about just what the term "homesteading" means, and how anybody anywhere can do it. I'll also be opening up the phone lines to anyone who wants to share why they've chosen to homestead, and to take any questions from callers.

    American Preppers Network Live #4

    Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians and Preppers

    To find out what they have in common listen to this Friday's show on APN.

    Tom Martin founder and CEO of the American Preppers Network will be talking about prepping, and Freedom Through Teaching Others Self Reliance.


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    Glee Night, Alcohol Awareness

    in Self Help

    It's Alcohol Awareness week at McKinley High. So, you know what that means, teen drinking. Everyone's going to learn the hard way about drinking alcohol. If only I had Glee when I was a youn'in.Let's see what awfulness we can help undo with some energy tapping on our favorite Glee club. Think back when you were in high school and what kind of drinking you did back then. Hmmmmm? It was pretty bad, huh? Let's do some meridian EFT tapping for those underage drinking days and let's get pass them.Lillian Fimbres is a bonafide EFT and Qigong practitioner seeking people like you who want to change so you don't have to cringe when you think of your teen years. You want to walk with your head held high, don't you?I can be reached at The Genuine Life.com or email me at lillian@thegenuinelife.comMy sessions are reasonable, affordable, and if you don't feel any better after one full session, you get your money back. How's that for something different?

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    Angel Link-The Voice Of Humanity- Shauna's Story of Hope and Joy

    in Spirituality

    SHAUNA and NEIL MCLEAN are my guests this week. Hear Shauna’s amazing story about Multiple Sclerosis and her mission to spread the word of HOPE
    Shauna has broken free from the spirit-sapping shackles of Multiple Sclerosis that had imprisoned and depressed her for 15 years.
    www.shaunamclean.com is a MUST visit in preparation!!!!
    Please come and share with us. Share with us via the Chat Room or phone in with your thoughts or question.
    I am your Host, Annette McCoy