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    Laughter & Meditation/Prayer

    in Spirituality

    This is a show that began as a Meditation to send our loving, healing energy around the world. As time has gone on since January, you, my audience and room chatters have formatted the show. I've come to realize through my own experience as a chronic pain patient of 12yrs that laughter can and does promote healing. It can change a dire frame of mind in a matter or a few giggles. It often releases stress as well as promoting a much healthier way of dealing with what life throws at us

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    Join Engineer Jonathan Walker discuss African American Inventors(text messaging)

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    Join Engineer & Entrepreneur Jonathan Walker discuss the extraordinary Granville T Woods Project with Presenter, David Head. We will also discuss the must have black inventor video, Making it happen!!!! Every home library should have a copy! It will make you so proud of the contributions of Black Inventors!!!!

    ------View an excerpt of the video on YOUTUBE----


    ~~~~`The Multiplex Telegraph~~~~~~~~~~~

    Granville T. Woods (1856-1910) known to many as "The Black Edison," because both were great inventors who came from disadvantaged childhoods. But unlike Edison, Woods was considered fortunate to receive an education to help him on the road to his inventions.
    Woods further educated himself by working in railroad machine shops and steel mills, and by reading about electricity. He often had friends check out library books for him, since African-Americans were excluded from many libraries at the time. Woods managed to scrape together enough knowledge of electrical engineering to invent "telegraphony," a process that was later purchased by Alexander Graham Bell's company.

    Allowing operators to send and receive messages more quickly than before, telegraphony combined features of both the telephone and telegraph. The Bell Company's purchase of this invention enabled Woods to become a full-time inventor.

    Among his later inventions was the multiplex telegraph. A success in the powerful railroad industry of the late nineteenth century, the device not only helped dispatchers locate trains, but also allowed moving trains to communicate by telegraph. This invention was so useful that Woods found himself fighting patent suits filed by none other than Thomas Edison. Woods eventually won, but Edison continued to pursue the telegraph by offering Woods a lucrative partnership in one of Edison's businesses. Woods refused, preferring to be independent.

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    Wilberforce Forum - The Fellowship of Ailbe and the Law of God

    in Religion

    What role if any, does God’s Law have in the life of a Christian? Is there any relationship between the Law of God and salvation? Do we have a responsibility in learning the Law of God? Should Christians work to enact the Law of God into America’s civil codes? Or if the Law of God is still applicable to today’s Christians, does God intend others to keep His Law as well? We welcome T.M. Moore the Principal of the Fellowship of Ailbe to the Wilberforce Forum this Sunday. The Fellowship is a ministry to pastors and church leaders focusing on encouraging men to grow in the grace of the Lord, and to equip them for more effective leadership in their church. This weeks broadcast will examine and discuss the purpose of God’s Law in our lives as believers and in today’s culture.

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    The Smooth Hip Hop Sounds Of Gully From His Upcoming CD Entitled "LIFE"S HARMONIES"!

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    Greetings,it's me Jerry Butler,...
    I would LOVE to invite you to come listen to me on blogtalkradio!! Simply go to BLACKSTARTUPBIZ.COM,
    log on so that you can click on the blogtalk radio link to listen to my show. The link to the show is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/JERRY-BUTLER7 The call in number is (646) 929 0434.
    I will be featured LIVE on Friday 7-10-09 from 5-8 pm Eastern Standard Time.
    The topics are:
    Featuring The Music Of S.BABY As He Raises The Question "IS LiL Wayne Ready For S.BABY"???!!!...Also Featuring The Smooth Hip Hop Sounds Of Gully From His Upcoming CD Entitled "LIFE"S HARMONIES"!!!... BY the way, this is a radio show that will help "you" promote your business nationally & worldwide and it is absolutely free!!! If you have a business, you NEED this added exposure, join me at Blackstartupbiz.com & advertise your business over the airwaves absolutely FREE!!! Tell all your friends to listen in and forward this message to all of YOUR friends. Let's help one another gain worldwide exposure together!!!...
    OUR GOAL is to INSPIRE people of EVERY Race,Creed and Color to be THE BEST THEY CAN BE!!!!
    THIS IS NOT SPAM Please forgive me if you have received this email more than once.That simply means that we are "friends" on more than one network. If receiving my emails more than once is upsetting to you or annoying to you "PLEASE DELETE ME AS YOUR FRIEND" ...I will truly understand and there will be no hard feelings. I just want to give you the utmost of respect...Thank You In Advance

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    Daddy's Little Girls

    in Religion

    Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr. is a spirit-filled preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He accepted his call to ministry at the age of 17. He received a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Religion from Paul Quinn college, formerly Bishop College in Dallas, Texas, graduating with honors. He also attended Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana. Pastor Johnson accepted his call to pastor Eastern Star Church in 1988. Under his leadership, the congregation has over 10,000. The ministry now meets at three worship facilities: (1) the Main Location at 5750 E. 30th Street, Indianapolis, (2) the Northwest Location at 7223 Woodland Avenue, Indianapolis, and (3) the Northeast - 10595 N. Lantern Road, Fishers, Indiana. A devoted husband and dedicated family man, Pastor Johnson is married to Sharon Henry Johnson and is the loving father of four sons, Jeffrey Allen, II, Jordan Adam, Jalon Alexander and Josiah Andrew. God has certainly laid His hands on the life and ministry of Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr. On 03/10/09, Pastor Johnson was the key speaker at our Spring Revival of 2009. Come and be blessed.

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    Philip Coppens

    in Current Events

    Philip Coppens is an author and investigative journalist, ranging from the world of politics to ancient history and mystery. He is the director of Histories & Mysteries, as well as a frequent contributor to Nexus Magazine and New Dawn Magazine. Since 1995, he has lectured extensively, across the world. He is the author of The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel, The Canopus Revelation, Land of the Gods, The New Pyramid Age and Servants of the Grail.

    Philip Coppens (1971-) started his career as an investigative journalist, with specialist subject the world of politics and intelligence agencies. As a result, material uncovered on the life of President John F. Kennedy’s alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was used by a US government enquiry in 1994.
    Co-authored with André Douzet. Together, they have also written The Secret Vault (2006), on the existence of an underground complex in Notre-Dame-de-Marceille, first discovered by Jos Bertaulet, a friend of Philip until Jos’ death in 1995. He is president of the English branch of the Société Perillos and vice-president of the French Société Perillos.

    In 2008, he organised the Histories & Mysteries Conference in Edinburgh, which included the first public display of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, receiving blanket media coverage for the event in the UK.
    Philip can be contacted at his Website


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    What Did Michael Jackson Mean to You?

    in Lifestyle

    A frank discussion between host Jay King, co-host Robert Redwine, and their listeners about love, life and relationships

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    The Completely Evil Radio Show

    in Writing

    Brought to you by the Young Writers Society!

    Hosted by Snoink and Griffinkeeper, with the help of Sgt. Salt. Guest-starring Nate, Teague, and Jennafina.

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    Welcome to Purge-atory

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Purge-atory
    Your stay here depends on you!
    Do you feel like your suffering from some unknown aliment no one else knows about or can cure? Has your mind been like a computer that's just crashed? Have you felt like you have been caught between two worlds and can't tell which one your really in? Do you feel lost and alone? Well my fellow light workers welcome to Purge-atory. Here you will go through a many process, such as anger, sadness, fear, grieving, and lets not forget that all important one, confusion. Yes you heard right, the old you is stripping away the outer realms to reach the final immortal body. Issues or resistance that block the bodily flow of essential life energy, must be worked through so that the underling channels can connect. This is of course being felt physically, emotionally and mentally, but in truth is happening spiritually. You are creating new space with the removal/clearing process's the 3D you is having in preparation for the new and improved lighter loving ego free you. So join us on Divine-Illumination as we go deep into Purge-atory, a place where we all are but refuse to admit or acknowledge!Find out more about Helping others see the light with- in and understanding that they are not alone! We are all one in this Human adventure we call life. We are Spiritual Beings uniting as we journey to the God with in us on our path home. We are all needed, if we are to transcend the material, one dimensional perceptions of our worldly ego personalities, only then are we able to become aware of the realities far beyond physical.

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    windows infections and other stuff

    in Family

    Answers to computer questions in plain English. Questions are always welcome.

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    Join in and share your experiences of what you think is going on in the world

    in Religion

    Lets have a chat about the diffrent opinions of what you think is going on and why. I believe we are being distracted with unimportant information to keep us off the truth. Why do people care about nothing? We have been programed to watch tv shows of other peoples lives. Why because yours is so not exciting. Is life so dull you watch cooking shows, home shopping shows, even Reno 911. This world is the way it is because people want it this way. They have been to lazy, wanted fast money do and go to nice places, getting caught up in the with the Jones, or just giving up because you have been let down or disapointed? Your parents were mean to you, you didn't get all you wanted. So you keep blaming someone else? When will we take responsibility for our selves and our own actions. We are born into this world by a gift of God. What is a gift? Its free given without strings, with out expectations. We are supposed to do the best we can in the life we are given. We are given choices, freewill. Many are born into a life that is full of love, taught to live responsible, live with respect, to do the right thing and if your one of the fortunate one you were born in America with freedoms not avialable to other in diffrent countrys. There are those in other countrys are born in to famine, diease, violence, I often wonder why this happens. People say how could God let this happen? One answer is its not Gods doing. It is satins our world is in the control of satin eversence Eve took from the devil the fruit of knowledge and gave it to Adam. We were given a choice to chose good of God or evil of satin. This is the choice made from the beggining we are all born into sin. We are also given a choice to chose God or satin. Its very apparant today that most have chosen satin. Our world is so courpt that God cannot look at us untill we ask for forgivness and confess or sins to Jesus Christ that died on the Cross for our sins. Chose eternal life !

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    Driven by the “Others”

    in Paranormal

    Terrell Copeland became "Case no. 58105" on The History Channel's new "UFO Hunters" series. There, on national TV, host Bill Birnes declared the Suffolk man to be a "hybrid" - a product of intergalactic breeding who is
    being prepped for direct contact with his alien relatives.

    His life has gotten even weirder for Copeland, now 26, since the former Marine became one of several locals who told The Pilot they've seen UFOs over Hampton Roads. Back then, Copeland reported that he'd witnessed a massive triangle-shaped craft hovering over a Suffolk shopping center late one night in 2005.

    After that, Copeland said, he began experiencing what's known in UFO circles as "missing time" - minutes or hours that unaccountably vanish - and episodes of temporary paralysis, when he was awake and aware but couldn't move.

    Join me when Terrell speaks on his spiritual revelations behind all of this...

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