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    You Opened Your Legs Before I Opened My Heart With Author Jerald Howard

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    On This Episode Of The Beautiful Butterfly Show we will be talking with Jerald Howard. Mr. Howard is an Author and a Poet..Today He will be Discussing his latest book entitled " You Opened Your Legs Before I Opened My Heart". The Title its self is Very eyecatching and thought provoking. Jerard will share with us how he came about the title and the content for this book, as well as share with you how he transitioned back in to writing after trying out various fields in corporate america...This is going to be a Phenomenal Show so make sure you are tuned in...As always feel free to Call in and ask Jerald Questions @ 347.884.8527

    Jerald Howard was born in Bartow, Florida and raised in Huger, South Carolina. He has always had a strong love for reading and writing. As a child he would write short stories and poetry.

    A graduate of Clemson University, he has worked many jobs. From managing restaurants, gyms, and small corporations...he has done a little of everything. Not able to find peace in what he was doing, he went back to his first love...writing.

    Realizing that his skill of writing was a gift from God, he decided that he would try to help others with that gift. Not only will his writings help by providing drama, laughter, and healing, but proceeds from the sales of each book will be used to help others. Half of all proceeds from sales of all novels go towards the research and development of a cure for breast cancer.

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    Your "RACE" For Success

    in Self Help

    We continue our "no more denial" theme with acclaimed professional speaker and visionary, Mr. George Fraser. George C. Fraser is Chairman and CEO of FraserNet, Inc., a company he founded over
    20 years ago with the vision to lead a global networking movement that brings together diverse human resources to increase opportunities for people of African descent. He is considered by many to be a new voice for African Americans and one of the foremost authorities on economic development, networking and building effective relationships. Mr. Fraser joins us for a powerful intense discussion about the problems african americans are facing and how to rise above the adversity. Join in for a show you will not soon forget!

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    Miracles by Design: Free Angel Readings with Charlene Stringfield

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    “Divine Heart Specialist”™, Hal Price hosts special guest, Charlene Stringfield this week. Charlene is an "Angel Communicator" and Spiritual Healer. She channels Divine Energy by working with the Archangels and the Ascended Masters. She facilitates powerful healings that clear the Spiritual Anatomy (the Chakras and the Auric Field).

    In conducting her healings, Charlene speaks directly to your Guardian Angels, Animal Guides and your "Angelic Guide Team" to offer you life affirming and helpful information concerning your life path. Charlene also reads PAST LIVES.
    Charlene is a “Reconnection Practitioner”.

    You can find Charlene on www.acheiveradio.com on "The Sky Mackenna and Friends Show" on Mondays at 2:00 pm Eastern or on www.blogtalkradio.com on "The New Way Healing Hour" on Thursdays at 7:30 pm Eastern.

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    Cross City Paranormal/Tena Marie show

    in Paranormal

    Tena Marie, Paranormal Investigator - Founder of The Dixie Boo Paranormal Group & Cross City fla Paranormal Investigations,Ms. Tena is a Psychic Medium, Life Coach, and Paranormal Investigator. The radio show covers current and Past Investigations, While assisting people who are in need of help, concerning paranormal activity in the home or most any location.Our hope is to keep listener's entertained, as well as educating the public about the paranormal. We encourage listeners to phone in and be a part of the show. Tena will also provide 1 free psychic question to callers,the last 30 minutes of the show. This is a interactive show,Join us in the chat room too!Southern Spirits & Down home hospitality.

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    The Bethany Show

    in Music

    You've Just Entered The Premiere Online Live Radio Series That Brings You The Hottest Trends and Topics in Music, Fashion, Glam, Entertainment, Politics and Relationships. Do You Love Good Music? Are You a Producer, Artist/songwriter, Actor, Model, or Dancer? Do You Find Yourself Whining and Gliding All Night on The Dance Floor At The Sexiest Clubs or The Most Chic Parties? Are You Looking For a Place To Showcase Your Phenomenal Talent? Do You Love the Fresh Style of New Trends in Fashion? Do People Always Give You Compliments on Your Fabulous Clothes and Accessories? Do You Love To Share Ideas and Thoughts With Positive and Motivated People? Do you Wish to Engage in community affairs and help to make your neighborhood morw thriving and lucrative? Are you concerned with the changes in the dynamics of our current political system? If you answered YES to any of these questions, WE NEED YOU to be a part of Our radio experience. We need you to Call in, Listen in, Share Your Talents, and Tell a Friend to Tell a Friend That The Bethany's Party/Barbie Girl Radio Show Is The Place You Need To Be Tuned Into On Wednesday Nights At 7pm

    With Exciting Weekly Contests as Radio Idol (where artists showcase their talent live on air to win exclusive industry opportunities), Spotlight On Talent (where we feature the phenomenal upcoming artists that are expanding their market to become the next best thing), and Most Incredible Model (where we highlight the most fabulous and ambitious model we encounter), this show is sure to be the topic of conversation.

    In addition, we will feature stimulating segments such as Celebrity Scoop, Counsel Corner, Makeover Takeover and Step Up Your Status to allow our listeners to be as interactive as possible with our live radio show. So Are You Excited Yet? If You're Dancing Like I'm Dancing Because You Can't Wait To Go Live On Air, Then The Bethany's Party/Barbie Girl Radio Show Is The Place You Need To Be Tuned Into EVERY Wed. at 7 Pm

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    Concussions in Hockey: A No Brainer Approach

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    The much avoided topic of concussions in sport, more specifically in the hockey world where new rules are in place to minimize headshots. But are the rules effective? With fighting on the increase, not only in the NHL, but other leagues, organizations and age levels we continue to avoid concussions. We no longer can put a band aid on a gashing wound. Turning the other way doesn’t work either. New and stronger rules need to be in place to reduce and yes eliminate concussions in hockey.

    Young players getting into the game have an expectation that once they are finished the career in hockey that they will still be able to function without an ill affects from playing Canada’s most beloved sport. If parents and children have this belief going into the game isn’t it a committed crime when someone bashes you in the head, or remove your helmet during a scrum? Why do kids have to suffer the rest of their life choosing another path they never dreamed of following all because they received concussions in hockey?
    You owe it to yourself as a parent, player, coach or part of a hockey organization to join the conversation with Dr. Paul Echlin on BEYONDtheCheers heard live Wednesday November 10th at 7PM on blogtalkradio.

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    The Power Within You Create your Reality In the struggle of this life man tries to claim his deity by making excuses for every event as fate or circumstances without considering the cause for every experience. Man is of two natures which are existent within him just as hot and cold, good and evil, north and south exist. Within every person is a duality of mind and man can be the chooser of understanding the law that exists within his own mind or being. Faith is the power that makes a person’s life what it is currently. Changes of thought and the nature of thoughts will manifest in the life of every person who is conscious of his or her thoughts. Instead of allowing the mind to operate or function without a conscious choosing and discipline or thought, which is allowing the mind to run wild, man change his circumstances and future by a simple principle of being conscious and watching his own thought to achieve the end that is desired. You can change your life by learning the law of life that exists within you. This law is within every person. It is the energy and vitality that exists in your mind and is expressed through your thoughts. When we learn how to use this vibrant energy to our good we change our lives. By understanding the power of thought and learning to use this power rightly we create for ourselves true prosperity, happiness, and health and the life of our dreams. By the abuse of the power of thought we create for ourselves tragedy and ruin. A wholehearted commitment to learning the law of life within our minds and the practicing of this law for good, benefits our life and the lives of those around us.

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    Fantasy Football Fix

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    Need some help with your fantasy football roster, or just need information about the playersin the NFl, tune in to the Fantasy Football Fix for the latest advice about what is going on in the NFL.

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    Full Recovery: Creating a Personal Action Plan for Life Beyond Sobriey

    in Self Help

    So you’re clean and sober. Now what? How do you repair damaged relationships, grow a career and achieve financial stability? Millions of recovering alcoholics/addicts find themselves struggling to achieve success in other areas of their lives. However, poor life skills, instability and confusion are all major contributors to relapse. Join us for a conversation with recovery expert Brian McAlister to discuss “Full Recovery” an innovative system that instructs those in recovery on how to develop a clear action plan to move beyond sobriety and realize their true potential.
    Join the conversation toll free or send your thoughts and comments ahead of time to theartofrelating@hotmail.com

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    From One Bride to another!-Special Guest Elissa of EID Photography

    in Entertainment

    Elissa Davidson is one of Hudson Valleys Premiere Wedding Photographers. Listen in to find out what it takes to make your day not only memorable but re memorable! Elissa will talk about all the detail that is involved with making one of the most important days of your life a memory to last a lifetime-with pictures, and why it is so important to choose the right photographer. If you are searching for your photographer for your wedding, don't miss out on this show!

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    Helping underpriviledged children in the Tri-State Area!

    in Lifestyle

    During this show we will be discussing the Tri-State Area Outreach Magazine's and Washington County Sports plan to team together in an effort to help make playing sports in school possible for children who's families budget does not make room for paying to play on team sports. We will be discussing ways and opportunities which might be available and what steps can be taken in order to help these children so that they too can enjoy the benefits of being in a team environment and pursue their dreams as well.

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    Jim Wilhelmsen and David Hester discuss A Hollow Earth

    in Religion

    We are very fortunate to have brother Jim Wilhelmsen back with us for another program. What Jim is going to share with us in this program is certainly not something you hear every week at church. Join with us as we discuss A Hollow Earth.

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    The AllHorses Post Radio Show with Jo Belasco

    in Pets

    Joanne (Jo) L. Belasco, Esq. is the founder of Back in the Saddle Training and the Director of the Horse-Human Relationship Program at the nonprofit Tapestry Institute. Jo is a lifelong equestrienne who left the field of law to pursue her interest in the horse-human relationship. Her nonprofit work has included researching the impact trail riding has on group meeting process, gentling wild Mustangs, creating and managing the Mustang Freedom Project (which provided a home for wild Mustangs at a ranch in Nebraska), conducting extensive literature research on the horse-human relationship, and teaching child and adult riders. She has researched many questions about the horse-human relationship over the years. What common themes and elements run through training methods centuries old and those declared “new and revolutionary?” How are different disciplines approaching the horse-human relationship and why? What can she learn if she puts aside what she has been taught and simply spends time with her horses, without interpretations from others about what they are “supposed” to be doing and the meanings ascribed to those actions? What can she learn about the horse-human relationship by gentling wild Mustangs? At Back in the Saddle training, she uses all of this experience plus her training in psychology and women’s studies to help women over 40 realize their dream of having a deep relationship with their horse(s). She focuses on the concepts of balance, center and connection. She provides private training and clinics to women who are re-riders, overweight, fearful, and/or have health issues. She is currently based in Northern Colorado.


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    WEA RADIO LIVE "Entrepreneurial Talk Radio Show" Business As Usual for an Entrepreneur

    in Business


    WEA RADIO LIVE, now on BlogTalkRadio is program of Women Entrepreneurs of America. Our unique internet womens entrepreneurial radio station. We want to help you grow your business one success at a time. Listen to our internet radio station for experts in their own specialty as they give small business hints, tips, and share their small business owner success stories. An online entrepreneurial talk radio program geared toward educating and promoting the entrepreneur in you! Showcasing startups and business entities globally. We want to help you grow your business one success at a time.

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    The Lynched In America Series–communities-Lynching #71-The lynching of Black law schools.

    in Politics

    I Sent A Letter To All Blacks,
    In April Of Last Year.
    I Told Them That, “Black Children Were Dying”,
    “And Living In Great Fear”.

    We Made A Plan To Get Together,
    And Solve This Grief And Pain.
    But Most Of My Blacks Did Not Show Up,
    They Said, “Because Of Rain”.

    I Sent A Letter To All Blacks,
    In May Of That Same Year.
    I Told Them, “Black Mothers Were Crying Out”,
    “For Their Son’s Lives, Which They Hold Dear”.

    We Made A Plan To Get Together,
    So We, Could Make Things Right.
    But When it Came To Pick A Time,
    Some Did Not Like The Night.

    I Sent A Letter To All Blacks,
    In June For Father’s Day.
    To Help Black Fathers To Raise Their Sons,
    Instead Of Just, Child Support To Pay.

    We Made A Plan To Get Together,
    So We Could Help Them Out.
    To Help Them Understand, All The Wonderful Things,
    That Fatherhood Is All About.

    We Can Get Together And For Black Communities,
    Do What Is Necessary.
    The Problem Is, That Many Blacks,
    Are Only Black In February.

    A Black Panther (P.B.C.O.C.N.) Poem By NEETTA BLACK


    “I Sent A Letter To All Blacks.”

    A Black Panther (P.B.C.O.C.N.) Poem By NEETTA BLACK
    visit: http://bhcaberi.htmlplanet.com

    Donate To The Black Panther Black Poetry Museum.

    The Black Panther Black Poetry & Black History Museum,
    The Black Panther Party Black Community Organizing Committee Network,
    Black Panther Poems.

    Become A Sponsor Of “The Black Panther Black Poetry & Black History Museum”:

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    DJ LOVE FREQ / JACINTA from 5-7 pm central

    in Music

    JACINTA is an established international singer/songwriter from Australia with Five impressive Billboard Dance Club Chart hits in the United States and many self penned songs that have found their way into film. In March 2008, Jacinta was nominated for Best Break-Through Artist at The International Dance Music Awards. Jacinta's first US single release SUNSHINE hit the top twenty on the BILLBOARD 'Hot Club Play' Chart in early 2006. Her second single DESTINATION released May 2006 was also a Billboard 'Hot Club Play' Hit, climbed to 5 on the DJ Times Chart and is still receiving airplay on Dance Music Radio. Jacinta’s third release CAN’T KEEP IT A SECRET debuted as the #1 Breakout Song on the Billboard Dance Chart and peaked at #7 on 07/07/07. Still receiving massive support in the USA, SECRET peaked #2 on the DJ Times and FMQB charts. This instant hit also received high rotation on US Dance Radio and found Jacinta new audiences in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Nov 8/08 saw ELECTRIC UNIVERSE hit Break Out for the Billboard Hot Dance Club Chart, with it’s debut on the main chart on Nov 22. 2009 was a busy year, with the release of multiple projects; co-productions with new duo “Wild Jaam” featuring Jacinta and Amber Dirks (of Sister Sledge fame), and a new Cybersutra track featuring Jacinta. Endorsed by Judge Jules of BBC Radio1, the Song I SEE FIRE debuted as the #1 Breakout Song on the Billboard Dance Chart in January 2009. Jacinta’s dream has also been realized this year, literally, with the full stage show “DREAM!” now a reality in partnership with long time friend, Producer/Director Don Fox. Amazing visuals, full orchestra, backing singers, dancers and a wonderful story line bring out all of Jacinta’s best attributes, highlighting her soaring vocals, dynamic stage presence and multi instrumental musical prowess. Jacinta also debuted on the European Dance scene in 2009 with SHARE THE TEARS by Aura and LOST IN A DREAM.

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    Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour

    in Spirituality

    ANIMAL TOTEMS. WHAT ANIMALS ARE YOU DRAWN TO? Harriette Knight, Master Healer, Psychic-Medium and Author of CHAKRA POWER! How to Fire Up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life will answer psychic questions, and those regarding healing, chakras, psychic phenomena, astrology, feng shui, meditation, and so much more! Tune in to this lively show!

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    PCOS and Your Cardiovascular Health - PCOSChallenge.com

    in Women

    Did you know that PCOS can lead to heart disease? This is a very serious concern for many women with PCOS. Gregory Pokrywka MD joins the PCOS Challenge Radio Show on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 6pm, EST, to tell us about the risks of heart disease for women with PCOS, as well as prevention and treatment methods.

    Gregory Pokrywka MD FACP FNLA NCMP is a Board-Certified Internist from Baltimore/Towson, Md. He attended Duke University, worked as a biochemist, attended University of Maryland Medical School and was Chief Resident in Internal Medicine at Mercy Hospital, Baltimore. He now serves as Assistant Professor for the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He has been in private practice since 1987 and formed the Baltimore Lipid Center in 2001. Dr. Pokrywka is a member of numerous associations including the American Heart Association Council on Atherosclerosis and the National Lipid Association (NLA), and he participates enthusiastically in the Go Red for Women and WomenHeart campaigns to fight heart disease in women.Join the free PCOS Challenge Support Network at www.pcoschallenge.com to find out more about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and help women beat PCOS.

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    Elevate Radio: Being Thankful for Where You Are Financially (and Where You Aren't!)

    in Women

    Join Marlia Cochran and Terilee Harrison for Elevate Radio - where our mission is to elevate women to live a life that matters!  This month's theme is "being thankful".  Our guest this week is Gary Chomiak. Gary comes to us as a Pastor for many years who now helps families as a Financial Advisor.  He will share with us some practical tips how to be thankful where we are financially - especially in these economic times.  You can follow Elevate Radio on Twitter. 

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    Take A Soul Step with Me!

    in Lifestyle

    In tonight's show, Cathryn Taylor, author and host of her BlogTalkRadio show, “Take A Soul Step with Me,” features the EDGE MAGAZINE - a mid-western metaphysical newspaper which explores the evolution of consciousness, the integrative approaches of complementary healing and the experience of living an authentic, holistic life. The EDGE shares information, wisdom and resources - locally via the distribution of their in-print magazine, and globally with their electronic version which can be accessed at www.soulofthecities.com. The featured guest for tonight’s show is EDGE Contributor Stephen Simon who has produced such films as Somewhere in Time, What Dreams May Come, Indigo and Conversations with God. He is the co-founded www.spiritualcinemacircle.com His latest work is a book recently released entitled, Bringing Back the Old Hollywood. www.TheOldHollywood.com. “The spirit of The Old Hollywood is engrained in my soul and in the souls of hundreds of millions of people around the world. I grew up in the Old Hollywood. Frank Sinatra was my “godfather”. My father was a producer and director who made movies with stars like Lucille Ball, Lana Turner, Abbott and Costello, and Dad’s best friend, Red Skelton In my own career, I have produced movies with Christopher Reeve, Tom Cruise, Robin Williams, and Madonna, who gave me lessons in honesty. Yes, truly, she did.” Tim Miejan and Cathy Jacobsen will also join Cathryn to offer highlights and overviews of this month’s issue.

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    Desire to Aspire Higher with Coach Carolyn

    in Spirituality

    Step out of your busyness for two minutes to consciously create your day. Desire to Aspire Higher will give you a daily dose of inspiration, education and validation to help you manifest your heart's desires.

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    A Marines Disquisition

    in Politics Conservative

    U.S. MARINE CORPS BIRTHDAY - 235 Y.O. ... We are bring Dr. A. True Ott for a Disquisition of Events around ELECTRIC GENERATION -- bringing any and all into the fold who want their own ELECTRICAL SYSTEM while divorcing themselves from any Electrical Grid. This is the show to learn the truth about an availability of Self Survival. Call the Show 347.308.8047

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    All About the Lord Jesus Christ

    in Spirituality

    In this segment, everything about Jesus Christ who was and is to come is presented. His life, death and resurrection explained and discussed. A life that was lived perfectly within His own eyes was ended by a terrible death on a wooden cross. Who was this man? Find out more within this wonderful segment.

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