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Bible Prophecy for our time and USA? Yes! From the Bible itself, not "doctrines of men," host, guests,+ callers, seek truth. Share study, ideas, questions

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End Times in America will discuss the issues of value voters. Our Challege for the Week: Should we join together with non-Believers in order to achieve our political goals, moral reforms or social change? Why or why not? This will be an... more

How should Christians respond to Islam and Muslims in a Christian way? Should we follow the lead of Christian ministers such as Rick Warren? Should Christians join together with Muslims in their religious observances if it might give us a... more

We have examined the problem of False Prophets and Apostles influencing the Church and Politics. We have observed many instances of individuals claiming to operate in supernatural spiritual gifts. Are these people crazy? Are these people... more

Hope you will join us as we will continue on our study of the rise of False Prophets and deception today. How are False Prophets and deceit influencing our churches and politics? While Iran, Biblical Persia, is increasing its influence all... more

Our study and challenge on End Times this week is about "false prophets" today. More specifically we will explore the Bible for guidance about prophets operating today that claim to be appointed by God to give His words to... more

As a wrap up to our discussion on the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, Dr. Todd Perla will join us as a guest. Dr. Perla is the author of End Times Church Deception, which has disputed the Biblical basis for the Pre-Tribulation Rapture doctrine.... more

In this week's Bible Study we continue to explore the truth of God's Word and to unmask deception that is masquerading as Biblical. Topic this week is "the PreTribulation Rapture" Biblical? We are learning to use "the Sword of the Spirit... more

Join us for a wrap up of our Bible Study on End Times in America. We will challenge the false teachings of cults and others who misuse the Word of God we ask you to take this weeks Bible Challenge: The Westboro Baptist Church (the... more

Kristie and Rick will report on the discussion of the Bible Study group meeting for 1-15-12. We will focus on the group members input and insight from the Bible Study Challenge. We will also review the group's study of Bible Prophecy... more

Many believe that the Lasts Days will last for 7 years, the time of the rule of the Antichrist. But is this true? The Bible also describes the "time of Jacob's (Israel's) trouble" in the end time. Are we in that time now? And if so could it be that the... more
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