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Well, its time for me to come back to Blogtalk Radio. It is about the so-called "deal" with Iran. This pre-recorded program just aired this week on GCIN Radio.net and RevsRadio on Tunein on End Times in America! It is in a different... more

America's Decline: Spiritual, Economic and Millitary Power are being reduced by the policies and actions of the Obama Administration. How are these things also tied to the Interfaith Movement? Rick, Kristie and Anne discuss how... more

End Times in America and GCIN interviews author Eileen Townsend on her book: America's Role in Revelation.

In this second show about the Crisis in Egypt and Obama, Rick and Kristie welcome our friend, Usama Dakdok, to explain more about how Islam is influencing the politics of the Obama Administration and the dangers of the... more

What is the history of Obama and Egypt? You may be surprised. In Obama's first year as USA President he went to Egypt and did things never done before. Soon afterward, the so called "Arab Spring" began. This program originally aired on... more

Nancy Pelosi defends Eric Holder charging that Holder is being attacked because he is supporting "voter rights" that Republicans want to take away. So where are the Christian voters? Where are those who believe in Jesus Christ? Can we... more

The Prophet Ezekiel foresaw a terrible war taking place in the Last Days. Will this war usher in the rule of the Antichrist Kingdom? There are many theories out there about the Ezekiel 38-39 war. But are there current indications that this war... more

The number of Americans currently on Food Stamps is at an all time high. This is due in part to the high unemployment rate. But is this a part of a larger conspiracy to force Americans to submit to "the Mark of the Beast" in the near... more

End Times in America takes this quick view of current events with a new series of 15 minute programs designed to get the listener updated. This programs will also be airing on GCIN Radio.com on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also you can... more

How do we overcome? Revelation 12:11, "And they overcame him (Antichrist) by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony, of they loved not their life until the death." We must learn to be "overcomers." We must have a personal... more
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