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The USA Financial Radio Show is all about the American consumer in retirement, or with retirement on their mind.

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This week we discuss... the historical impact of midterm elections on the stock market; stock market volatility - how do you know what to do? the differences between fundamental & technical investing; and the difference between tactical... more

This week we discuss... dangerous predictions from the past that could have haunted you; an IRS rule change that may affect your 401k ; Why some people hate annuities... should you? And reasons to appreciate annuities.

This week we discuss... What type of Financial Coach do you have? New risks as you transition into retirement; Type of Financial Coach do you have? Your year-end financial and tax planning checklist; and the benefits of using a Donor... more

This week we discuss... Stock market volatility and the end of QE3; the Economic Triangle and what it means to you; liquidity, growth and safety - managing each with your portfolio; and understanding your Risk DNA and Investor IQ.

This week we discuss... Annuities - too good to be true? Commission, fee-based or fee-only financial advisor? Which is best for you? Do I have enough to retire early? and investment options for reducing risk.

This week we discuss... How a patented investing process can help your investing decisions; Formulaic Trending - Making the trend your friend; should you max out your 401k contributions?; and determining whether you're on track for retirement

This week we discuss... How secret consumer scores can cost you big; the top 7 reasons to own life insurance; Five investing don'ts from Warren Buffett; and "The 10 Reasons Why I Invest In No Load Funds" (tongue-in-cheek).

This week we discuss... The importance of the Asset Cycle Portfolio System; how to get access to your IRA before age 59 1/2 without early withdrawal penalties; TOD & JTWROS - Why these designations are important to you; and how a life... more

This week we discuss... insurance with our USA Financial roundtable answering 'fact, fiction or debatable' questions; the true costs of life insurance; retirement transition decisions on Social Security & insurance; and lesser known Social... more

This week we discuss... Market highs... What's next? Forbes: Many asset protection specialists fall short; What 25 year olds know, that 65 year olds don't about life insurance; and one interesting long term care insurance option.