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On Sundays from 8pm til 10pm CST/ 9pm-11pm EST. URN Radio Show with Jeff, Matt, Howard & The Paranormal Outlaw. On Mondays, FAPS (Freaking Awesome Paranormal Show) with hosts Amber and Ryan from ASPS from 8pm-10pm CST, 9pm-11pm EST. On Tuesdays, Terror Fi Radio from 8pm til 10pm CST./9pm-11pm EST with Hosts The Paranormal Outlaw, Melissa Duck, and Tasha Starr.. On Wednesdays, Full Spectrum Radio with host Matt Maziarek and Co-Host Dennis Estlock from 8pm to 10pm CST Time/9pm to 11pm EST. On Thursdays, Onyx Knights Paranormal Radio with host Brian Sons from 8pm CST til 9pm CST..On Fridays, GAC Family Radio with hosts Bryan Gorman and Karli Shoop from 8pm til 9pm CST. On Saturdays, Debunker Boys with Ryan and Robert, 8pm CST/9pm EST til 10pm CST/11pm EST. Like us on Facebook at URN Radio Network and we are on Twitter under same name!

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Join Brian Sons as he delves into the paranormal. This week : Mountain Monsters

Join Matt Maziarek and Dennis Estlock of CPR as we talk to the one and ONLY Jo De Raman! Jo De is an author and also a researcher of WHY certain things happen and how we may cause it. An intuitive healer and spiritual life coach, Jo... more

It's the Freakin Awesome Paranormal Female Round Table featuring Holly Mullins, Lisa Lamrock, Tonna Lotts, Luann Joly, and Amy Jo Auld. The ladies are going to discuss the paranormal from their own unique perspectives. It is... more

Join Paranormal Outlaw, Matt & Howard as they talk paranormal. We are talking all topics paranormal. Outlaw and Howie are hitting all topics in the paranormal. You can also follow us on facebook at URN Radio Show! You can also... more

Join host Brian Sons as he delves into the paranormal world!

Join Dennis Estlock and Matt Maziarek of CPR TONIGHT as we speak to an AMAZING historian, Civil War Reenactor, and The utmost authority on the history of Henricus Park and Henricus County in Virginia!!!

Join Paranormal Outlaw, Melissa, Tasha & Michelle as they talk paranormal.Tonight's guest is Jerry Dean a friend of Tasha also a Demonologist will be joining us. He is the host of Real Talk Paranoraml Radio. He also is a... more

Join Holly and Ryan as they welcome in astrologer Mellissa Stratton where we will be discussing a myriad of different topics. She will also be interpreting some dreams for some of our listeners You don't want to miss out...it is going to be... more