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Urban Jungles Radio is a cutting edge radio/podcast program that explores various topics in reptile, amphibian and vertebrate care. Join your host Danny Mendez, a Zoologist with a rich background in the professional zoological world as he explores various topics of interest and brings you the best interviews from all over the world. Urban Jungles Radio is LIVE every Friday night (More or less...) at 10pm. Be sure to join our facebook page for instant alerts on upcoming shows and guests as well as limited offers.

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Tune in LIVE Friday night as we welcome back the one and only, Marty Stouffer of TV's Wild America to UrbanJunglesRadio!
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Join us for another ground-breaking episode of UrbanJunglesRadio as we delve into the injustices and untruths of the reptilian world. Forst we'll hear from Anthony Matherne who fist caught our eye at the Texas Rattlesnake Roundup where he... more

Join UrbanJungelsRadio in another Ground-Breaking episode as we explore the ups and downs of some of today's most relavent topics. Join us as we explore adn revist one of the world's most talk about tragedies, the death of... more

Join Danny & Andy LIVE as we broadcast from the "BatCave" at the Wildlife Conservation and Edcuation Center in Ridgefield Park, NJ. We'll be chatting with owner Joe D'Angeli and learn more about some of the deizens that dwell there.... more

Join Danny & Andy as they explore why you should not support current network TV who seems to have a knock for attracting animal welfar and law violators amongst a maelstrom of misconception. We'll talk about some of the hypocrisy... more

Join Danny & Andy as e recap the amazing Texas Rattlesnake Festival which took place in Round Rock Texas on Marh 8th & 9th. Listen in to how history was made and how this event will shape the future of infamous... more

Join UrbanJunglesRadio as we speak with Joe Schreibvogel a.k.a. Joe Exotic the controversial keeper from Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park, the controversial private zoo housing approximately 200 big cats as well as over... more

Join us as we celebrate a special episode marking the moment we launch a new campaign to help bring awareness and save the world's Pangolins! We'll kick it off by welcoming back our U.K. Correspondent Emma Lock who joins us... more

Join us once again as we plunge into learning more about our finned friends, the sharks as we are joined by Alex Wright, founder and director of Shark Aid International who is looking to make the world a better place for sharks which... more

Join us for another ground-breaking episode of the word-famous, award-winning, UrbanJunglesRadio! Listen in as we catch up with Wildman Corey Wild from Australia who's known for his death-defying, up close contact with some scary... more

Welcome to the New Year where we intend on making it a memorable one and we begin by reviewing one of the most cowardice practices ever exercised by humans, The canned hunt. Requiring no skill but alot of cash, canned hunts... more
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