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We are providing stimulating interviews for wholistic, authentic, self care and beyond! Here you will find research-based dialogues that inspire women to get in-touch with their intuitive nature so that they will listen to the ancient wisdom of their bodies. Our mission has remained strong - making a positive difference starts with people helping people.

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An innovative,creative and independent holistic care provider. Walks in nature,poetry,music, art,whole family model /whole human model . Healing and reaching highest potential model. Although the world is full of suffering, it is also... more

Rebekah Carpenter is the President of AV Productions Rebekah's book, Awakening – 12 Tools To Unlock Ultimate Potential, is specifically designed for individuals, giving them tools that collectively help them recognize... more

Nurses are healers. It is time to change the health care system to allow nurses to embrace the healing tradition started by Florence Nightingale. Guest Glenda Christiaens PhD

Director of Education & Corporate Services Dianne Greyerbiehl, Ph.D. Dianne is the founder and president of Life Coaching Institute. She has over 20 years experience as a Life Coach and has been a founder in the field. She has over... more

Karen Grant Niles RN M.Ed. Board Certified Holistic Nurse HNB-BC~ Innovator~Healing Touch Practitioner apprentice (HTPa), . She believes in self leadership and asking powerful questions. "Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when... more

JJ.Thiret.Creative Host. Genuine interviewer.

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  • In Ancient times, the caduceus was the main symbol of god Hermes and one of the most classic symbols of healing. It was a wooden stick made out of laurel or olive wood and usually had two wings just above the top.The caduceus... more

    According to the legend, the caduceus once split two poisonous snakes that fighted. From the moment they wrapped around the caduceus, they stopped fighting and started looking at each other peacefully.

    Justine Allen Green Belt Greenville, SC Green Belt, When I took my first Nia class, I danced, and my body smiled and breathed a huge sigh of relief to move in a way that felt so natural and sooooo good. After taking ballet, tap and jazz... more

    I'm Sara Carter. Life Coach ,Youth leader. A Coaching is an emerging profession that Empowers people to become all they could become, identify what's most important in their life and sets out goals and action steps to achieve it more... more
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