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This week's show is going to be Fire! We are going to discuss the best book genres out today along with a few marketing tips. We also have a very special author interview with Ty Marshall author signed with New York Times best-selling author JaQuavis Coleman. So pull up a chair, grab a glass of your favorite wine and enjoy the tunes and the information with your host K.C Baylor on Urban Fiction News Radio. There is nothing like staying informed. Urban Fiction News Magazine and Urban Fiction News Radio is proud to provide its audience with real News, Reviews and Resources. Visit www.urbanfictionnews.com to find out who you can be featured on both Urban Fiction News Magazine or Urban Fiction News Radio!
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Once, in a not so long ago past writers wanted to land a big deal with the traditional publishing houses. Landing such a deal meant you've "arrived" Authors who self published their own works were looked down upon and... more

Today's author have more to consider when stepping out in the publishing game. You can't just think of your writing as a hobby if you plan on succeeding as an author. Learn tangible methods to building your brand in todays publishing... more

Hello Urban Fiction News Radio listeners. Help me welcome break out author Carla P. Cyprian. She wrote the latest release Love By Default, A compelling story following the complicated life of Yada, a young woman seeking love from a... more

Follow K.C Baylor as she discusses the pros and cons of going indie versus signing with a small press. Everyone has a preference but what is best for you and your book. Follow along as she gives you a clue, Finishing your book or... more

Being a writer can be tough, especially with the large amount of competition out there. Learn a few techniques that can get your books seen and potentially increase your income. There is an art to book sales for the Indie author and... more

Follow K.C Baylor as she discuss the secret to making an income with your books. Every writer would love to make a life changing income with their novels or non-fiction books but many aren't. There is something that many indie authors... more

Marketing your books can be hard even for the most seasoned authors. Reaching the top and staying relevant is becoming more and more difficult for indie-authors. Follow K.C Baylor as she discusses whether or not developing a platform for... more

With the rising number of books being pubished on a daily basis many authors are looking for the most for their efforts. However, there is a strategy to pricing your book especially when you are new to the literary world. Ebook pricing is... more

Finding ways to effectively market your urban fiction novels can make or break you. Learning from others or from trial and error can make you the best in the game. Join K.C Baylor as she shares some of the most effective marketing... more

How to Write an Urban Fiction Novel is one of my most read articles on Urban Fiction News Magazine. People are curious as to what makes this genre so much different from other genres. They are interested in learning how to write a... more