The Time Of Transfer

The Time Of Transfer


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The Ministry is design to help show individuals how to find their way back to the body of Christ through reconciliation.

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Jesus gave us an example of courage and of the need for us to become encouragers. Right after demonstrating His own love and courage, He called upon His disciples to be courageous in the face of the many pressures,... more

A passage in Malachi makes this clear: ‘The Lord has been a witness between you and your wife? (2:14). It is in that regard that the covenant may be said to be a covenant ?with your God? (Prov. 2:17). Marriage is a human... more

What are the blessings of keeping one's marriage covenant? The first blessing of marriage is ?ready? fulfillment. We are reminded that God created the woman expressly for the purpose of ending Adam's loneliness. By himself, he had no... more

Husbands do not always know what is best for their wives and families, but this fact does not lead me to suggest that Christ is sometimes unaware of the needs of the Church. By the same token, the fact that Christ may commit himself... more

If the partners are considered equals in their covenant, we would speak of the covenant as ?bi-lateral.? And realizing that the marriage covenant is a bilateral agreement is a significant point to which the inquirer into the biblical view of... more

Sometimes people wonder how those who lived before Christ were saved. The answer is, they were saved in the same way that we are saved, through faith in the shed blood of Christ. The sacrifices that they offered symbolized or... more

Let us get an understanding on the "Blood" and its true purpose: the spiritual cleansing that we need, someone wrote, ?The blood of animals cannot cleanse from sin because it is non-moral. The blood of sinning man cannot cleanse... more

As Jesus faced this final trial, suffering the horrible torture of the cross, He calls out, ?Father,? and He entrusts Himself again to the Father's keeping. In so doing, Jesus gives us an example of how we are to trust in God as our loving Father,... more

As we discuss our topic of spiritual maturity, the Lord Jesus is our perfect example in the mature qualities of endurance or perseverance, and patience. Thus, to encourage his readers to endure the trials of life, the author of Hebrews... more

Because of such conditions in the world today, we find Satan and his group are on the rise even more with deceitfulness(2 Timothy. 3:12-13), the Christian life is sometimes characterized in the Bible as a race to be run (1 Corinthians 9:24;... more