The Time Of Transfer

The Time Of Transfer


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The Ministry is design to help show individuals how to find their way back to the body of Christ through reconciliation.

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We all need to be warned that if we aren't careful, we're going to lose our kids to the Baals of this world, the cruel masters to which so many of their peers are enslaved. And so, if we don't want to bring distress upon our children in this life;... more

When we serious look at things today, it was told to us in Judges 2:6-15. For those of us that have by pass this please go back to see what the Lord has shared. So I'm going to address the subject of passing on the baton from one... more

God tells Hosea to find and ?take to himself a wife of harlotries.? Some other translates suggests that this person was very possibly and active prostitute and may have been serving in that capacity in a pagan temple. Such temples were... more

God's covenant relation to Israel was to be symbolized in Hosea's marriage to Gomer who will prove to be as unfaithful to her husband as Israel has been to God. Yet following her rebuke and chastisement, Gomer would... more

When God reveals such things through His Spirit and His Word, sinners see their desperate situation and cry out, ?What must I do? How can I receive God's forgiveness?? The first answer is, ?Repent. Turn from your sin to God.? Now let... more

Many people erroneously think that their main need is to get more money. But the richest man in the world is truly poor if he does not know God's forgiveness, and the poorest is rich if he is forgiven. Others think that their need is pleasure.... more

Jeremiah's personality is the picture of a chronically depressed person. Yet while he did suffer frequent melancholy, this was a reflection of the great stress and sacrifices of his life, not of inherent weakness. A prophet's lonely life of being... more

Love will sensitively confront and correct precisely because it cares deeply and knows that sin destroys. Love rejoices with the truth. Love gets excited when it hears of spiritual victories. Love encourages by expressing joy over little... more

Let look at 1 Corinthians 13:13 The Apostle Paul uses this verse to completed his three-paneled portrait of love ( 1-3, 4-7, 8-13) with a final triad: faith, hope, and love. Much discussion has focused on whether faith and hope were... more

Even when Jerusalem had been destroyed by the Babylonians and the temple was in ruins, Jeremiah could rightly say, ?This I recall to my mind, therefore I have hope. The Lord's lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, for... more