The Time Of Transfer

The Time Of Transfer


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The Ministry is design to help show individuals how to find their way back to the body of Christ through reconciliation.

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Motive is a reason for doing something, especially one that is hidden or not obvious. There are time in ministry that you want to ask the people that are with you "What are your true motives? Outward religion without inward reality... more

We are going to discuss the early church and today church, one thing we know is that the Jewish had been meticulous in keeping their fasts, but their hearts were not in it(sounds like today church as well). It had become an outward ritual,... more

Let look at something here none of the gospel accounts report Jesus' "loud crying and tears," but this information probably came directly from one of the apostles who were present. It shows us that even though Jesus is fully God, and... more

When it says that Jesus was tempted in all things as we are, it doesn't mean every conceivable temptation, which would be impossible. Nor was Jesus ever tempted by indwelling sin, as we are. In this, He was like Adam and Eve before... more

Prayer is our supply line to God in the battle. His abundant, sustaining grace flows to us through prayer. Because prayer is so vital, the enemy tries to sever that supply line. When we suffer, the enemy often whispers, "God doesn't care about... more

The author in the book of Hebrews in the 4th chapter points out that from the beginning God has offered His salvation to people, and still offers it, under this imagery of entering His rest. At the heart of it is that we stop trusting in our... more

When we look at Hebrews (4:1) its takes us back to chapter 3, especially to verses 12 & 19. He is warning against having an evil, unbelieving heart. His readers were Jewish believers in Christ who were tempted in the face of... more

Paul mentions that in Corinth some were sick and others were dying because they did not judge their own sins before coming to the Lord's Table (1 Corinthians 11:29-31). We can fake it and put on our ?holy face? when we hang around the... more

Zechariah and Revelation show that even though it appears that evil is unrestrained and that evil men go unjudged, it is not so. "Judgment delayed does not mean that judgment has been cancelled!" God's Word has given us a... more

Thus we often think that we're trusting in the Lord until a storm hits. It reveals to us how we're not really trusting Him. The disciples may have protested, "We were trusting in the Lord! We called to Him for help!" But they were not really calling... more