Upping Your Bliss

Upping Your Bliss


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Finally, a silly tongue-in-cheek show about everything; a show about opposites, not-what-it-seems, a half-mock, take ,....on well, everything! It is a show that can be about psychology, business, and even Disney, with a Horror approach. Huh? Yes. Okay, we love to confuse, we love to throw it all in the mix, but most importantly, we want to up your bliss. We are movie geeks but we like to change things up a bit and have fun. Is it for real, is it fake? It is both. This is why the show is actually an all out-free-for-all chat. It is also comedy, in our own ways. In the past this show went through so many reinventions. It was an entertainment show, then a mock-horror show, and finally a positive, semi-satire, comic, fun, happy get-together with folks that want to up YOUR bliss. (We are done for the run, and have presented quite a bit of material. May be back in the future. If not, enjoy the podcasts!) --no drama style podcasts --equal opportunity podcasting

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Tonight we talk about nasty people in horror, entertainment, & generally people in life that YOU should avoid. We talk about personal experiences, stories, tales of the dark, macabre and generally the type of stuff that would make others quit,... more

Join us tonight as we talk about sexiness, defining sexiness, tidbits on the entertainment industry/negativity straight from my blogs and more fun as we focus hard on UPPING YOUR BLISS, and having fun on these podcasts, where it... more

Surprise! Guess who? I am doing a SPECIAL podcast tonight to look back at the crazy year that was 2014 since I have a lot of time now, being that I'm on a vacation of sorts, so I invite my horror triumverate to join me as I talk about the... more

Sometimes you need to do those shows to remind people just how awesome, positive, and amazing they are, and that you are thankful that they listen. This is that show, and we truly had trouble finding the clips for it. I think we finally... more

Oftentimes, people seem to criticize others for doing their thing, whatever that may be. Simply put, one cannot win. You're damned if you do, and you are DEFINITELY 100% damned if you don't. They attack ya when you try, and they... more

This show is a pretty important one as it focuses a topic that many simply deny, or don't pay much attenton to when the attention is definitely needed. Surrounding yourself with the right people, is a very wise thing to do, indeed. We talk about... more

PART 3 & Final show of this cluster.

We discuss many different topics that others told us would be great to mention, and of course we try to up everyone's bliss in the process.