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Upgrade Your Story


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A podcast for writers and the readers who love us -- listen in to hear tips on how to improve your writing and get published.

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Have you read NOCTE yet? And why not? Early reviews are in, and readers LOVE it. And really, what's not to love when the author is Courtney Cole? She's broken the NYT best seller list while independently publishing, traveled both the... more

"We believe that the magic happens when you show up – when you share authentic content, when you join and initiate conversations, and when you participate in interacting with your online community." Weaving Influence Becky... more

Victor Giannini and I hooked up on Facebook some time ago, and it's one of those strange events that happens in our lives that you have no idea will create something amazing. Victor has the soul of a writer, and his passion is to teach,... more

When you talk to Laura Munson, you feel like you're talking the collective soul of writers everywhere. Laura just gets it. She understands the trials and tribulations that writers go through in their minds, and she also knows how to quiet all that... more

If you've never read any of Claire Cook's novels, then you are missing out on some of the best loved stories out there. Her book Must Love Dogs was made into a heralded movie in 2005, and her recent release Never Too Late: Your... more

I've used Scrivener for seven years, back in the days when it was a simple(r) software with plenty of promise and a few lovable bugs. Now, it's a robust, stable program, and practically a requirement for most writers. When I started this... more

Author of speculative and science fiction, Michael G. Munz focuses on both the intense and the hilarious. With his latest book Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure, he's received rave reviews from fans by displacing the... more

Rachel Kambury knew her passion from the age of eight and published her first fictionalized account about a paratrooper in WWII when she was seventeen. For those of us who have spent most of our early adulthood trying to understand our... more

It's that time of the month again: Patricia and I sit down to hash out issues in the writing and publishing world. This episode, we discuss the steps of editing. Wait, there's more than one? Oh yes, dear listeners, there are many different editing... more

Reviews...they are both the boon and the bane for authors. While we love them when they roll in with five stars, we hate it when readers don't love our work. Not to mention, they can be hard to get when you are first starting out. Veena... more