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On Thursday January 29th 2015, at 2pm est, 1pm cst and 11am pst, join me as I have a very candid discussion with a man I met and have the deepest respect and admiration for. Gangs are active throughout the country and there are strong bonds between members and stong animosity between rival gangs. Sean survived these turbulent years to dream of a better life and building a wonderful family. He studied hard and found God along the way. He is now an ordained Minister and in the process of writing a book detailing the path that led to the place where he has found his peace. Tune in to hear Sean's story !
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On Tuesday December 16th at 9pm est, 8pm cst and 6pm pst, join the host Dean Swett as he welcomes back Dave Shedivy and others as we continue to explore the Freemasons and their importance to society. Let's gather more information... more

On Tuesday October 28th at 9pm est, 8pm cst and 6pm pst, join the Host Dean Swett and his panel of guests as they continue to share with us more about the Freemasons. Come join us as we explore the meaning of man, who we are,... more

On Monday October 27th at 3pm est, 2pm cst and noon pst, join me as we do something a little different than normal. Cities across the country seem to be able to step on the rights of citizens with no warnings, no due process and no time... more

On Tuesday September 16th, at 9pm est, 8pm cst and 6pm pst, we are pleased to launch the Freemason Series. The show will be hosted by Dean Swett and feature numerous guests and will focus on this amazing organization. Dean is a... more

On Monday June 23rd at 3pm est,2pm cst and 12pm pst, join Mary as she welcomes Sebastian Anderson, drummer, from the Hard Rock powerhouse band Cimino. Cimino is a Kansas City hard rock band with a sound that will draw you... more

On Tuesday May 13th at 3pm est,2pm cst and Noon pst, join Dean Swett, President of the Paramour Group, as he talks to the one and only Ken Pike, lead singer of Absolon. Joining Ken guitarist Tyler Colick will also be talking... more

On Wednesday May 7th at 11pm est, 10pm cst and 8pm pst, members of the band Red Tide Rising will be on to discuss their band and new CD * The Rising *. I am looking forward to talking with this young band from Colorado. I... more

On Tuesday April 15th at 11pm est, 10 pm cst and 8 pm pst, John Taglieri will be on the show to talk about his new CD release " Southern Paradise " Check out John's website and listen to his awesome music ! Purchase Johns EP at... more

On Wednesday March 9th at 4pm est, 3pm cst and 1pm pst Tad Schnakenberg will be coming on the UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL RADIO SHOW to discuss a position he holds as a first responder to potentially severe weather conditions.... more

On Saturday March 29th at 2 pm est, 1 pm cst and 11am pst, Conquest will be discussing their new music "The War We Rage " Conquest hails from St. Louis Missouri, and I am excited to be welcoming them on my show !... more