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Come explore the amazing "unseen world" around us all. Each day we will bring you knowledge to share, teach and enlighten. Unseen World was created as a place to allow everyone an outlet without judgement or criticism of their questions & experience in the "Unseen World" around us all. All shows on Unseen World are mature in content any callers or guests to the show have presented themselves to the Unseen World creators as being 18 years of age or older or have parental consent to join us & therefore the creators can not be held liable for anyone misrepresenting themselves. All opinions expressed on any episode of Unseen World are that of the person speaking & Unseen World Creators can not be held responsible for the opinions voiced on the air.

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The Christmas season is here with its abundance of red and green, but what about the blues? It is a common and unfortunate part of the holidays that depression can take us over because of those in our lives who have gone on... more

Heavy burdens over the holidays with all of the stress? It is time to lighten the load by allowing your talk to be truth! Janice will share her insight and wisdom on this particular aspect of the full moon coming up! Janice King, M.Ed, MscD, is... more

While our co-hosts enjoy their holiday weekend off, we have left Gertrude Sneedle instructions on how to run the show for tonight. Songs tonight include "Electrascension", "Warp Dimension" and "Vibosity" available for digital... more

It is often easy to get trapped into the day to day things we need to do, remaining in the familiar, especially when the holidays grab so much of our attention. Does this new moon encourage us to see beyond what is right in front of us, to... more

October this year seemed to begin the veil thinning symptoms early and was combined with not only Mercury staying in retrograde a good portion of the month but its accompanying eclipses and moon wobbles. So what is going on now?... more

Full moons represent some very powerful energy for us all. Are you feeling cluttered by so much in your life? What really matters? Janice King will share with you how the full moon entering Taurus will affect you and what you can do to... more

Bumps and thumps. Trick or treat? Ghosts and goblins. Bats and cats? Witches and wizards. Creepy crawly spiders? This is the night that the veil between dimensions is the thinnest. What do you think might happen tonight? Tonight we... more

What experiences are you having this Halloween season? This is the time of year that many report that the veil is thinner and we can expect more paranormal events. Tonight Saundra and Linda invite you to share in your experiences and... more

Eclipses are always powerful in their energy. This is a time to re-examine that over-looked baggage and assess. Janice King will share the details of what to expect during our upcoming solar eclipse! Janice King, M.Ed, MscD, is a Reiki... more

Tonight Saundra and Linda explore that 80% to 90% of the brain science claims is unused. Really? It is believed by many that this is where our abilities beyond the five senses and our past life memories are stored. We will discuss this, how... more
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