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Come explore the amazing "unseen world" around us all. Blog Talk is not showing the hundreds of archived or the upcoming shows, so please visit our group on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/LSUnseenWorld for recent and upcoming episodes and also search for our Facebook Unseen World Archives page. Each day we will bring you knowledge to share, teach and enlighten. Unseen World was created as a place to allow everyone an outlet without judgement or criticism of their questions & experience in the "Unseen World" around us all. All shows on Unseen World are mature in content any callers or guests to the show have presented themselves to the Unseen World creators as being 18 years of age or older or have parental consent to join us & therefore the creators can not be held liable for anyone misrepresenting themselves. All opinions expressed on any episode of Unseen World are that of the person speaking & Unseen World Creators can not be held responsible for the opinions voiced on the air.

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Spring is the time when things begin to blossom. Are things blossoming for you? What is the message of this new moon and the solar eclipse? Janice will share her insight tonight. Janice King, M.Ed, MscD, is a Reiki Master/Teacher,... more

Janice King continues with understanding your codes from your past and present existence, how they can assist you with dealing with your fears and creating the authentic you that you wish to be in your life, your work and your relationships.... more

Shadow entities? Orbs? Astral entities? Extra-terrestrials? Human or animal spirit? Guides? Angels? Good? Evil? How do we perceive them in our experience and how do we know which ones are evolved as opposed to unevolved? How do... more

Janice shares more about past lives, relationships with soul family and how karma plays into what you are experiencing now. Next week the full moon will be coming up, so she will touch briefly on the aspects of what you can expect from... more

Are you ready for what this second new year celebration promises for the coming year that flows into 2016? Commonly referred to as the Chinese New Year, though technically classified as the Roman and even lunar new year, this gives... more

This Friday the 13th episode will have you going on a spiritual scavenger hunt! Sound like fun? Just know that her advice will allow you to live a win-win situation! Also, the new moon is approaching. What you should know for this... more

Tonight Janice asks you to take a unique pespective on yourself and your situation as well as that which is outside of you. Will you go beyond the self? She will also let you in on what the aspects of the full moon in this time of year... more

Rocky Krogfoss – Langley, British Columbia, Canada - Quantum Energy Healer, Stress Reduction Counselor, Life Coach: stressfreeme99@gmail.com FaceBook: New Beginnings Therapy Healing and Educational Services Rocky... more

The new moon is always a time of refreshing ourselves and our circumstances. It offers a chance to be creative in so many aspects of our lives. Are you ready? Janice will share with you the planetary influences and what they provide.... more

2015 promises to be a fabulous year for us in differing aspects. It breaks down in numerology to an "8" which is a number for abundance. Does this apply to you? Saundra and Linda will share with you what they feel this new year brings and... more
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