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Mike, Jeff and Karan dedicate an entire hour to the 11/11/11 phenomenon. What happened this day 100 years ago? What's the astrological significance of 111111? Plus, did you see the movie? (Ad of course, it's Friday and Jeff is OFF THE... more

When Google quietly launched its new Search by Image function last June, the official suggested uses for the new service were fairly benign. Try searching ?places, art, or mysterious creatures,? the product description still suggests. To... more

Mariah Yeater storms out of her Insider interview, Eddie Murphy steps down as OSCAR host, and news break with Mike Jay. All LIVE at 9 ET. A New Kind of Talk Radio! 9pm ET, 8 CT and 6 PT. Join hosts Mike Jay, Jeff, Katrina Johnson... more

One of the hardest things about splitting is not having full access to your Ex the way you did when you were together. You knew the ins and outs of their lives, and were included in their thoughts and feelings. With a split, this intimate... more

We've got the interview with Bieber baby-mamma's highschool fried, Katie Parish and we're gettong the scoop on the real Mariah Yeater. A New Kind of Talk Radio! 9pm ET, 8 CT and 6 PT. Join hosts Mike Jay, Jeff, and Karan Ashley for... more

A New Kind of Talk Radio! 9pm ET, 8 CT and 6 PT. Join hosts Mike Jay, Jeff, and Karan Ashley for a full hour of all the day's hot topics, celebrity gossip, and news headlines! Join the coversation on air by calling 323-417-6705 or join the... more

An 8 foot tall plastic man washed ashore in Siesta Key, find out the juicy rumors surrounding his appearance. Mike, Jeff and Karan talk about their favorite childhood toys and later, we're playing the ?toy game!? Call in and play along,... more

Is Justin Bieber about to be a daddy? Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear, or worry, by repetitive behaviors aimed at... more

You dropped Netflix, and the CEO listened! Find out what the company is doing to turn around its tarnished reputation! Plus, site like MySpace and Facebook have become an integral part of our culture. How has social... more

Tonight on Unscripted Radio, join Mike and Jeff as they welcome the one and only Katrina Johnson to the panel! Tonight is all about spells and goblins as the hosts chat about their favorite Halloween memories and traditions. Cyndi B. is... more
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