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Heather Wagenhals Unlock Your Wealth Radio helps people learn how to manage their money better saving time and reducing stress, creating a debt-free life to choose wealth and happiness with Heather's proven strategies. Tune in to one of Heather's shows and learn what thousands of other listeners have about releasing limiting beliefs and choosing the future they desire for themselves and their families NOW!

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James Goddard drops by in the first hour as our "Investor's Edge" guest of the week. This week we recognize the second key by taking action and making assessment. Niki Payne calls in to the broadcast to give us the update in her... more

From the "Best of Season 1 Archives" Heather re-broadcasts her interview with social media guru Steven Groves. Join us each week where Heather Wagenhals Unlock Your Wealth Radio talks about crisis management and financial wellness... more

Jeff Hughs drops by in the first hour as our "Investor's Edge" guest. We begin our third season of Unlock Your Wealth Radio with the first key of the series, Acceptance and Affirmation. Heather will address the importance of first... more

This week we kick off season three with Minutes on Your Money, Millionaire Minute, and Recap of Season Two. Call in for questions! Join us each week where Heather Wagenhals Unlock Your Wealth Radio talks about crisis... more

Are you ready to declare your financial independence? This week marks the finale to season two and the key's to riches series with "Become a Voracious Reader." For the Nuts and Bolts segment, Howard Berg, the world's fastest... more

This week marks a special edition of the MidWeek Update as Heather is joined by special guest Johnny Deas. Deas is an "Edutainer" and CEO of Financial Literacy Music, a company that transforms the process of becoming financially... more

As we near the end of the keys it is important to review where you are, revise the parts that aren't working, and recommit yourself to the goal. This week, Heather welcomes investor's edge guest Liz Freeman to talk about mortgages for both... more

Heather finishes the Nuts and Bolt's of last Saturdays keys and the Millionaire Minute. And as always she invites all listeners to call in with questions about the keys, money management, or real estate! Join us each week where Heather... more

Moving into our eleventh key, it is time to forgive ourselves for our mistakes and setbacks and forget the perfection principle. Heather, will remote in from Ohio this week to talk to Richard Barrington from MoneyRates.com about finding the best... more

30 Minutes devoted to giving you the tools you need to stay on track financially during the week. This week Heather will finish up last Saturday's key with more reasons to Remember Real Estate. Join us each week where Heather... more
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