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Unlimited Realities with Lisa Zimmer

Unlimited Realities with Lisa Zimmer


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Provocative, informative ,and empowering radio.Featuring authors and those improving the world one step at a time.

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Untreated depression destroys lives, marriages, finances, trust; untreated depression affects more than the afflicted, it affects everyone around them too.I live with someone who has struggled over 40 years with depression and lives... more

If you love and are around children, you most likely have encountered an astute, aware and mature child that seems to just 'know' things that the average child doesn't...these children are known as Indigo Children.Learn how to identify and... more

Have you ever wondered about the mysteries of our world?Of our universe? Of our planet? Theorists, quantum physicists, theologians, scientists and metaphysicians have all pondered , predicted and prophesized their... more

When we move through life, changes, relationships, births, deaths, we experience a multitiude of changes within ourselves. We evolve our priorities, we place value upon areas that use to not concern us, we evolve. We perceive life through... more

Anthony Lawlor , a former Oprah guest talks to us about the patterns in and around our individual lives

Always a pleasure to interview experts in the fields of science and theology and here we have two experts from two differnt walks of life . A Theologian and a Shaman discuss life beyond us..

When we live in an awareness of compassion, support, astuteness, alert consciousnes, we tend to learn through environment naturally.We get clues from nature, others, situations that shape our perceptions.When perception has clarity... more

When life gets blah, what do you do? You shake it up!! Here we have great ideas and insights to create more flow and ease with everyday shifts..

We seek for depth, success, connection, wealth, but to what avail if our bodies are unhealthy? Our health care system is in a fast moving change. We plug into a health care system that feels irratic, with policy changes and insurance... more

What happens when things go awry? Do we tend to tackle things in a knowing way? A traditional or conditional response? Do we unconsciously seek solutions based upon our history or upon present awareness? Too often the reason our... more