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Unlimited Realities with Lisa Zimmer


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It's summer, and it's time to get clear on what brings us peace.What does bring us joy?How do we decompress? What makes us laugh? The hard working year gives way to take some down time in the hot days of summer, and this too, offers us... more

Discover a new perspective as Oriah Mountain Dreamer takes us upon a new discovery of ourselves through our world.... a wise woman and perspective...

Have you gotten to the point where something must change for sanity's sake? You will be guided here , to allow little , simple tweaks in your thinking, eting, and living that will enhance your days and prioritize your values~

We have a dynamic show today.I have quantum thinker Dianne Collins author of "DO YOU QUANTUM THINK?"Her awareness and wisdom will leave you with much food for thought as we explore how expansive our thought and... more

Intimacy or lack thereof, is the root cause of depth or the lack of depth withn our personal relationships. Here, with the dynamic couple of Robert and Dianne, we talk about what intimacy looks like in relationships. As well as look at way s to... more

As with any solstice, we reflect upon the season, the energy of the time, and theintention for moving forward in our lives and worlds.Nobody better can usher this equinox in more authentically than Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Her essence... more

Enjoy as you listen to expert advice on how to awaken the sense and the soul.Tune in for some insight and as always , I want to dig deep and when I hit water I want to float on the waves it creates....Zimmisms

Author Film maker Jeff Brown brings his latest work in healing the heart, through the often challenged aspects of relationships. Jeff Brown will discuss his newest online course that focuses upon healing the emotional wounds that can happen... more

Paul Davids discusses his documentary based upon life after death . Tune in to visit the one of many ways spirit and energy work beyond the dimension of space/time continuim .

Have you ever been in a room when an angry person enters? Have you felt the anger before they spoke?ay we explore Susan Shumsky's work of Energy;Chakras; as well as Healing. Energy is real.Feelings are real.Mindful... more