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Unlimited Realities with Lisa Zimmer

Unlimited Realities with Lisa Zimmer


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Provocative, informative ,and empowering radio.Featuring authors and those improving the world one step at a time.

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Evolved relationships don't just show up, they take work.They take effort and they take a desirre to want to work on relationships. If one person thinks they are always right, how can any equality come into play. How can the dance of... more

How do we evolve?How much is in our own control? How much control do we claim or want? Where do our souls go to evolve? All of these fascinating areas are going to be discussed today in our full lineup of three guests today. We... more

Filmmaker Jeff Brown steps into an uncomfortable zone , questioning the integrity of a spiritual leader.A guru, whom for decades,with a following of thousands, has been managing, repressing or simply hiding a personality that borders on... more

Sometimes we seek growth, knowledge, insight, and other times , life shows us our ability to grow. Here we look at how life offers us opportunities dily to evolve our thoughts, our perceptions, even our views.We are in a constantly evolving... more

To learn about our future , often we need to look at our past, and the patterns and influences that have been present on our planet since the age of time. Modern tech may have its advantages , but ancient connection to source out rocks... more

Dannion Brinkley ~ a wonderful soul and guest talks to us about Spirit and the future of our world as he sees it.

Looking at relationships with more insight can allow for more progression in all relations. Here, we look at how to communicate, listen and understand ourselves, others and intimate relations better....

Untreated depression destroys lives, marriages, finances, trust; untreated depression affects more than the afflicted, it affects everyone around them too.I live with someone who has struggled over 40 years with depression and lives... more

If you love and are around children, you most likely have encountered an astute, aware and mature child that seems to just 'know' things that the average child doesn't...these children are known as Indigo Children.Learn how to identify and... more

Have you ever wondered about the mysteries of our world?Of our universe? Of our planet? Theorists, quantum physicists, theologians, scientists and metaphysicians have all pondered , predicted and prophesized their... more