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Author Bruce Farrell Rosen is an investment officer by day, and writer by night. An award winning writer, Bruce has written professionally over 3 decades and featured inThe San Francisco Chronicle andThe San Francisco Examiner. His... more

Burnt out, exhausted, no zest for life? Then you need to tune into Dr. Joan Borysenko as she speaks about her newest book "FRIED" which addresses how we can overcome the feelings of stress and avoid feeling burned out...with... more

Guest Ross E. Goldstein authored "Chain Reaction" is also the author of " Fortysomething:Claiming the power and the Passion of your Midlife Years" Ross was a clinical psychologist for 15 years. His passion is cycling.... more

Author Dianne Collins tackles an insightful approach, in her discovery of quantum thinking.Her methodology is part spirituality, part philosophy and part science. Discover how we are evolving at our best when we are aware of how we can... more

Listen to the wisdom and beauty of what Solstice means from best selling author Oriah Mountain Dreamer.. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah everyone!!

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery is an innovator in the field of working with ADD/HD children. His approach of seeing this as a gift reveals his soul purpose and compassion for creating allternative methods of managing ADD/HD. Dr. Ross'... more

Most likely you have experienced one~ or maybe you have contributed to one. Or, perhaps you have witnessed one and steared clear of making that mistake...Chances are you have been in the presence of a toxic relationship.... more

Filmaker,lawyer,author and teacher Jeff Brown offers the soul seeker much food for thought~ vibe in and listen to the perceptions and insight Jeff Brown offers...

I loved this interview, and felt such kinship with Guy, a amna devoted to his wife of 27 years helped bring stem cell miracles to his wife in her early life fighting cancer..Guy is a well noted director of Hollywood who gave it all up to care for... more

A beautiful story about the evolution of dolphin awareness~ listen to Eric as he tells his story.