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Most likely you have experienced one~ or maybe you have contributed to one. Or, perhaps you have witnessed one and steared clear of making that mistake...Chances are you have been in the presence of a toxic relationship.... more

Filmaker,lawyer,author and teacher Jeff Brown offers the soul seeker much food for thought~ vibe in and listen to the perceptions and insight Jeff Brown offers...

I loved this interview, and felt such kinship with Guy, a amna devoted to his wife of 27 years helped bring stem cell miracles to his wife in her early life fighting cancer..Guy is a well noted director of Hollywood who gave it all up to care for... more

A beautiful story about the evolution of dolphin awareness~ listen to Eric as he tells his story.

Spiritual Life Coach and Author Mike Brown of: " You are a Gift" will be my guest on Unlimited Realities with Lisa Zimmer on 11/10/11 at 11:30 am ET. Michael Brown has helped many people improve their life through his... more

Jeff Brown , Author, Teacher, Film maker, a man who left the law practice to emote all authenticity and purpose to the evolving heart , soul and spirit, for others evolution. Jeff's book, "Soulshaping" has been a guide to many seeking support... more

Author and Founder of Healing Paths, an integrative nutritician and wellness counseling practice in metro Washington D.C. Teri has helped hundreds of clients overcome food and environmental sensitivities.Tune in today as we address... more

"The Struggle for the Authentic Self" This will be a show that delves into what is authenticity, how we can become more integrated within, ad what pulls us from our authenticity.Dr. Padilla specifically uses the word struggle within his title to... more

Children develop in ways that go far beyond, rules, and techniques; children learn from soul. Children are naturally more tapped into essence and truth inherently, and to fully nurture the soul of a child, one must come from the soul as an... more

Renaissance man Philip Shepherd takes our senses for a dance; a twist, an awakening. Author, teacher, and wise man, Philip Shepherd addresses our evolution in pioneering ways of how we can literally shift and alter old paradigms... more