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Unlimited Realities with Lisa Zimmer


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Provocative, informative ,and empowering radio.Featuring authors and those improving the world one step at a time.

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Philanthropist, Meerha Ghandi has created a world wide mission empowering others who have very little hope or inspiration due to economic or impoverished living. Meehra is a selfless woman who is making a big differnce one day at a... more

We move through life often with our thoughts on current events, international unrest, poverty or even our bank account...life can be a struggle.Today we explore author and teacher Gordon Asher Davidson, " The Tranmsfiguration of... more

Where do we come from? Why are we here? Who began our early life and why were they in such communion with Gods and Sky people? Is there an early writing that carries such power that in translating and understanding it , your life... more

Folks, the power is within...not in others. We can join in unison for a common cause or benefit, but know your allies.... Spirituality and Spiritual Leaders are all not created equal~ in fact some reek of manipulation, abuse and control.... more

Just in time for Valentine's Day...Tune in as Author, Arielle Ford, expert in Soulful Relationship attraction.

We explore our past to find our future, and here we will explore our ancient past to uncover what makes us tick today, H2 Expert and Theologian Ted Peters discusses his wisdom of UFO'S We also have expert Ernesto who specializes in... more

Saved by the Light Author and teacher and visionary whose life changed after a NDE, discusses life. We are guided through topics of close to Dannion's heart that involve our world today.Topics include our politics; Veterans;... more

Dr. Athena Staik takes us on a journey through neuroscience. How can we evolve our intimate, personal relationships? Tune in for some life changing insights to improve all relations in your life.

Robert and Diane Masters discuss Dr. Robert Masters book Evolving Intimacy