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Universal Awareness

Universal Awareness - This planet and beyond


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Universal Awareness - having awareness of everything on this planet and beyond is imperative at this time in our evolution. Universal Awareness radio show will integrate Truth movement, spirituality groups,channellers, Ufo community, Sustainable groups, freeman & sovereignty groups, free energy and other new technologies. and whistleblowers. Universal Awareness is about sharing all of those things and more in order to become who we truly are operating with true knowledge & cohesion and integration of our energy systems. The channelled manuscript that Linda on occasions reads from is now available in paperback. The Book Of Secrets is the second book channelled by Linda Joslin from Higher Beings who are watching over us as dramatic changes occur to our Galactic Space, Our Planet Earth and to Us as we join with what they call the Universal Energy Continuum. 2012 the pivotal year of our evolutionary jump to who we really are! Available on Amazon.com http://amzn.com/1477500405 and http://www.amazon.co.uk/Book-Secrets-Event-Horizon-One/dp/1477500405/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340016179&sr=8-1

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""To be in control of the life you're currently living and to cultivate an even better future, you must grow within yourself a strong and unshakable foundation. You must plant the seeds that support a belief system in which you understand that... more

Linda Joslin in conversation with Spyke who has lived in the UK without money for the last 20 months. He says "Following most years of my life in the mainstream systems, I came to the conclusion that money was the problem that... more

Linda will be in conversation with Sharon Ellert from Canada joining the dots up in what is truly going on in our World. Sharon's father was involved in the DEW Line Project tracking UFO activity in the 1950's. She herself was groomed for a... more

With the Higher energies coming into our planet we have many people in the 'Soaring Dragon' mode where confusion occurs between the lines of illusion and reality, where 5th dimension ideas and energy are no longer grounded in their... more

Out intellects are bound by our perceptions and what we perceive is limited by our five senses. From what we've learned though modern physics, what we get through our five senses is more unreal than it is real. In order to reach the truth,... more

Getting Real about OPPT. Has everything been foreclosed on? Are you going to stand in your own power and take responsibility for your own non-compliance in a system that destroys your rights, your health, your creativity, natural instincts and... more

Host Linda Joslin will be in conversation with Winston Shrout. Winston Shrout has established himself as one of, if not the, leading authority on the philosophy of Redemption in Law. For over a decade a great many researchers have spent... more

OPT IN TO YOUR SPIRITUAL BLUEPRINT NOT OPPT - How many more distractions will people fall for before they truly awaken to who THEY really are???? A Open Peoples Public Trust is a 3D Vessel, money is a 3D... more

WE'RE GOING THE WHOLE WAY, HOW ABOUT YOU! 2013 The year to Fly in your Full Colours with no Compromise. Host Linda Joslin joined by Jennifer Lynch will be available each week for your calls. Answering questions, giving... more

Now is the time to shine a light in all areas of your life, not just the one you have made a profession of! 2013 is the year to take responsibility for being one of the 7 billion conscious beings on this planet and truly fly in your full colours! Host... more