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Unity America Radio "MOA" Al Fuqra eminent threat in America

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"MOA" Al Fuqra eminent threat in America

"Muslims of Americas." (the name of the actual organization) Learn your facts folks. Learn about how the majority of gangs and drug pushers and criminal tradecraft organizations are induced by Al FUQRA and are set out to recruit your children as foot soldiers and impregnate your daughters with their seed for future loyal recruits. Its up to America to police our own. Many of these infiltrators and ...foot soldiers are in fact the gangs "Crips" for example who solely exist to push illegal drugs. Our constitutional rights also acclaim Americans, to act in a police manner to retain a solitude of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Domestic terrorists of this nature are orientated to cause duress hate and discontent. For example they prey on wife's and children of servicemen who are deployed and have families. Therefore it is law abiding for Americans to act against domestic terrorists and gangs with deadly force. Therefor our rights as Americans are forbearing and law abiding to use deadly force against any threat to our constitutional rights and well being against any eminent domestic terrorist threat such as local criminal tradecraft drug pushing gangs ie; "Crips" the national gang whom through illegal drug markets and distribution help fund and are backed by "Muslims of America" stated herein. What a shame done to the many people of Islam who seek a peaceful life with respect and love for all people.