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Over Coffee with Uneeka Jay

Over Coffee with Uneeka Jay


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Let's talk candidly about topics that impact women. Through our chat, let's commit to empowering each other to be as powerful as we can be!

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Your workplace may not be ideal but that is not an excuse to be negative.

When you are part of a team you stop playing as an individual. You play for the team and make decisions that benefit the team.

As on any team, the players each have a position to play. Some team members will do exactly what is expected of them and at the level it is expected. However, winners always play beyond their position! For a winner, average is not enough.... more

Love flows. It never stands still. It is not meant to simply be given. It was created to be given and received. You deserve love. In this episode we will talk about receiving love. We will focus why we are afraid to receive love and remove that... more

Love is meant to be freely given away. Holding on to it prevents it from doing what it was created to do. In this episode we will talk about giving healthy love and loving without condition. The people in your life deserve your love. They... more

Failure to love yourself makes you incapable of loving others. Let's talk about what it means to love yourself. We will look at things that are standing in the way of your self love and deal with them. Wondering if you should listen? 1. Are... more

Your future does not have to be based on your past. Life is written daily. If you don't like what yours is saying rewrite it. In this epipsode we will explore what it means to rewrite your life and the process to do it. Have you ordered my 2014... more

"You are the average of the five people you hang around the most." I am sure you have heard that quote. The real question is what are you doing about it? Many of us stay in the same circle of influence because it makes us comfortable. But... more

While over 45% of Americans make New Year's Resolutions, only 8% are successful with their resolutions. It is easy to make a grand list of things to change for the new year. The key is actually making those changes after the... more

Are you struggling with your weight? Do you feel lost when trying to figure out how to be healthy? Are you an expert at dieting but lack results? Join me as I talk with two women who are helping other women embrace wellness!... more