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Underground Wellness is a resource for TRUTH in fitness, nutrition, and health. Get informed and improve your health by joining Sean for a weekly expert interview.

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Dr. Datis Kharrazian, author of Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms, stops by UW Radio to discuss the ongoing battle against thyroid symptoms. Topics include hypothyroidism caused by mental or metabolic stress, primary hypothyroidism,... more

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome, visits UW Radio to discuss the true connection between nutrition and brain function. Topics will include the link between the gut and neurological conditions such as... more

David Getoff, naturopath and clinical nutritionist, visits UW Radio to discuss what we can't see in our water. Topics will include medication residue and chlorine in our water and the best ways to filter and test your water. Learn more... more

Matt Stone, author and independent health researcher, stops by UW Radio to discuss the ongoing, ever-evolving investigation into where disease comes from. Topics include the significance of body temperature and how it correlates with... more

Julie Matthews visits Underground Wellness Radio to discuss her book, "Nourishing Hope for Autism" and why she believes that autism diet, nutrition and supplementation are fundamental to the health and healing of children with... more

Anthony Carey of Function First stops by Underground Wellness Radio to discuss his book, The Pain Free Program and his very own fitness product, the Core-Tex. Hosted by Josh Trent of Wellness Force.

Dr. Thomas O'Bryan visits Underground Wellness Radio to discuss the physiologic and neurologic effects of wheat and other grains on the entire body. Topics will include the difference between gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease,... more

Kaayla T. Daniel, author of The Whole Soy Story, returns to Underground Wellness Radio to discuss the effects of soy on fertility. Topics will include how soy can lower sperm count, startling results of animal studies of soy on fertility,... more

Patrick Quillin, author of Beating Cancer with Nutrition, visits Underground Wellness Radio to discuss why it is not enough for cancer patients to receive conventional treatment for the disease; a regimen of good nutrition is essential to... more

UW Sidekick Josh Trent discuss fitness, nutrition, and weight loss with one of the founders of functional training, Juan Carlos Santana. JC is an internationally-know trainer, author, and presenter. He is also the owner of The Institute of Human... more