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Underground Wellness Radio is where health, personal development, and entrepreneurship meet head-on to reveal the blueprint for coming alive. Host Sean Croxton delivers in-depth weekly interviews with a variety of special guests including Chris Kresser, Diane Sanfillipo, Marie Forleo, Mark Sisson, and more.

On-Demand Episodes

Michele Simon, author of Appetite for Profit, stops by UW Radio to expose what food companies really mean when they say they market responsibly. Michele will discuss how major food companies pretend to sell healthier food and otherwise... more

Todd Durkin, author of The IMPACT! Body Plan, returns to UW Radio to discuss his brand-new book. Topics will include recovery plans to keep you pain-free after workouts, why strengthening your mindset can help you achieve success, and... more

Mike Boyle, author of Advances in Functional Training, joins guest host Josh Trent to discuss strength training, conditioning and nutrition. Mike is an internationally-known strength and conditioning specialist, author, and... more

Dr. Julie Walsh stops by UW Radio to discuss how women can balance their hormones naturally, focusing on women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Her philosophy is rooted in the belief that the body has the ability to... more

Paul Connett, author of The Case Against Flouride, stops by UW Radio to discuss the dangers of consuming fluoride. Topics will include the questionable benefits of fluoride for teeth, the science behind water fluoridation, and the links between... more

Dr. Bryan Walsh returns to UW Radio to tell the truth about adrenal fatigue and why the current approach to adrenal fatigue is outdated. Dr. Walsh's e-book, Fat is NOT your Fault, is available in the UW Store! Hosted by Sean Croxton of... more

Ellen Langer, author of Counterclockwise, stops by UW Radio to discuss why the magic of rejuvenation and ongoing good health lies in being aware of the ways we mindlessly react to social and cultural cues. Ellen's book is available in the UW... more

You've heard Sean talk about his Secret Weapon for weeks and the time has finally come to reveal it! Sean reveals Protandim is the Secret Weapon, the product that has him quickly recovering from workouts, reducing his oxidative... more

Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, stops by UW Radio to discuss the FDA's pending approval of genetically modified salmon. Sean and Jeffrey will be addressing the dangers of consuming GMO foods, how GMO foods adversely... more

Hank Cardello, author of Stuffed, stops by UW Radio to give a behind-the-scenes examination of the business of food and uncover the hidden roadblocks to solving the nation's obesity dilemma. Topics will include misguided food company... more