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Underground Wellness Radio is where health, personal development, and entrepreneurship meet head-on to reveal the blueprint for coming alive. Host Sean Croxton delivers in-depth weekly interviews with a variety of special guests including Chris Kresser, Diane Sanfillipo, Marie Forleo, Mark Sisson, and more.

On-Demand Episodes

Dr. Allison Siebecker stops by UW Radio discuss small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Topics will include the link between SIBO and IBS, symptoms of SIBO commonly mistaken for other ailments, and methods of treatment for... more

Jon Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Method, stops by UW Radio to discuss the underlying causes of weight gain. Topics will include why diets don't work, your body's internal logic determining weight gain/loss, and tips for permanent,... more

Randy Roach, author of Muscle, Smoke, & Mirrors, stops by UW Radio to discuss the history of bodybuilding. Topics will include the origin of "Physical Culture", the introduction of steroids into the sport, and the bizarre beginnings of... more

Russell Farris, author of The Potbelly Syndrome, stops by UW Radio to discuss how some of the germs linked to heart attacks also cause obesity and diabetes. Topics will include symptoms of metabolic syndrome, the dangers of producing... more

Maria Rodale, author of The Organic Manifesto, and guest Leah Zerbe, stop by to discuss the importance of local and organic farming. Topics will include the dangers of chemical-saturated farming and genetically modified seeds, how... more

Jordan Rubin, founder of Beyond Organic, stops by UW Radio to discuss what real food really is. Jordan has an amazing story to share about how he regained his health by way of eating real foods. Out of his experience came a vision to... more

Angie Flynn and Deb Cheslow, co-authors of The Simple Success Solution, stop by UW Radio to discuss the importance of creating a life you truly love. Topics will include the importance of freedom of though, the "recession depression", and... more

He's back again! Paul Chek, author of How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! returns to UW Radio for another segment of the ever-so-popular "Ask Paul Chek". Paul will be taking calls and answering YOUR questions! Hosted by Sean Croxton... more

Kristin Canty, director of the documentary Farmageddon, stops by UW Radio to discuss how our access to safe, healthy food is at risk. Topics will include the urgency of food freedom, the dangers of the industrial food chain, and what we... more

Erwan Le Corre stops by UW Radio to discuss the importance of natural movement. Erwan is the founder of MovNat, which is a synthesis of his long-term passion with natural movement, his extensive knowledge of Methode Naturelle... more