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Underground Wellness Radio is where health, personal development, and entrepreneurship meet head-on to reveal the blueprint for coming alive. Host Sean Croxton delivers in-depth weekly interviews with a variety of special guests including Chris Kresser, Diane Sanfillipo, Marie Forleo, Mark Sisson, and more.

On-Demand Episodes

Dr. Michael Ruscio makes his debut appearance on the podcast to discuss how small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) causes irritable bowel, what autoimmunity has to do with it, and breaking news in the field of Vitamin D... more

Jen Wittman -- author of Healing Hashimoto's Naturally -- visits the podcast to discuss how she used "radical TLC" to LOVE her thyroid and her body back to health. Find out how you can get the support you need, make self-care a daily... more

Dr. Terry Wahls, author of The Wahls Protocol (now available in paperback), stops by to discuss a variety of topics including an update on her multiple sclerosis research, how GMO farming reduces nutrient density, and how low... more

Alexandra Jamieson returns to the show to discuss her outstanding, new book Women, Food, and Desire. Topics include the 4 root causes of food cravings, what your cravings have to do with unfulfilled desires, how transform your food... more

Dr. Amy Myers, author of The Autoimmune Solution and host of The Autoimmune Summit, returned to the podcast this week to discuss how toxins and untreated infections contribute to autoimmune conditions. Topics include: How having your... more

Dr. Vera Tarman -- author of Food Junkies -- returns to the podcast to share her incredible story of food, drug, and alcohol addictions. Topics include: * The science and reality behind food addiction. * The addiction continuum and why... more

Dr. Alan Christianson -- author of The Adrenal Reset Diet -- stops by to discuss how you can use food to transform your adrenals from surviving to thriving. Topics include: * How to turn OFF your Adrenal Fat Switch. * Carb Cycling: The best... more

Mary Shenouda -- a.k.a. The Paleo Chef -- makes her debut appearance on the podcast and teaches you how to Eat Clean, Play Often, and Crush Life. Topics include why standard blood tests are not as accurate as you may think, the... more

Jack Tips makes his debut appearance on the podcast to discuss the ins ands out of your microbiome, and to break down his 5 steps to PERMANENT gut healing. Here are my notes: 9:30 - Shocking revelations from the Human... more

Dr. Ben Lynch visits the show to break down MTHFR in a way that everyone can understand. Find out how a common genetic mutation reduces your body's ability to transform folate into its active form and all of the downstream health... more