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Underground Wellness is a resource for TRUTH in fitness, nutrition, and health. Get informed and improve your health by joining Sean for a weekly expert interview.

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Daniel Vitalis -- health motivator and strategist -- stops by the show to discusss human domestication. Find out what man and "man's best friend" have in common and how to "rewild" your life and get closer to your true human nature for better... more

Marc David and Emily Rosen of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating join Sean for a discussion on your emotional metabolism -- how unprocessed feelings and emotions lead to unsound eating choices and behaviors. Get registered for... more

John Kiefer visits the show to discuss how to use Carb Back-Loading to starve fat cells and build muscle! Topics will include: * Why carbs are NOT the enemy. * A simple trick to keep your metabolism from slowing down while "dieting". * How to... more

Dr. Amy Myers stops by the show to discuss toxic mold exposure and the health problems it causes. Topics will include: * The difference between mold allergies and toxic mold exposure. * The best tests for identifying mold exposure. * How... more

Tara Grant -- author of The Hidden Plague -- stops by the show to discuss a frustrating, skin-related autoimmune condition that no one is talking about -- Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). Topics will include: * Why it took Tara 15 years... more

Jen Sincero -- author of You are a Badass -- stops by the show to discuss how YOU can stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life! Topics will include: * The one simple shift for becoming the brightest, happiest,... more

Dr. Jade Teta -- author and designer of the Metabolic Aftershock program -- returns to the podcast to reveal a faster, more efficient way to upgrade your metabolism and burn more fat...while you rest! Topic will include: * Why longer... more

Dr. Jillian Teta -- author of Natural Solutions for Digestive Health -- visits the podcast to discuss how you can heal your gut, naturally. Topics will include: * Why prescription drugs may be the most overlooked cause of... more

George Bryant and Juli Bauer -- co-authors of The Paleo Kitchen -- stop by to reveal how to have FUN in the kitchen. Find out: * George and Juli's BEST tips for switching to a real food diet...and sticking to it! * How to concoct and create your... more